About the Book

The Walk of Faith tells the true story of a group of young people in Australia who walked across one of the most empty pieces of land in the world. They did not take food, water, money, or a change of clothes with them. The walk was over 1,000 miles long, and on the way there were almost no houses or people. Only about 20 -30 cars a day travel on the road through this desert, and most people are afraid to stop for anyone.

The youngest walker was 11-year-old Rachel Sukumaran, from Bangalore, India. At the end of the walk, Rachel said on television, "Many people in my country go hungry because people in rich countries like Australia are too greedy."

The leader was 15-year-old Christine McKay.

The reason for the walk was because the young people believed that Australians were losing their faith in God, and with it they were losing their interest in helping other people. They wanted to show the world that God is still alive, and that he can feed us if we put our faith in him.

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