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Strong Meat

You won't find many of these available to the general public. In some cases it's because the subject is controversial, but more often than not, it's just stuff that relates to the special circumstances encountered when living in a Christian community.

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Cut off your Hand!

Did Jesus say some things just to shock us, not really intending for us to take them literally? We don't think so. There is good logic and common sense, even in his most bizarre commands.
(See also The Forsake All Principle, and God's No Fool.)

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We See What We Want to See

The cult-busting mentality labels a group a cult, and then looks for evidence to support the label. It is virtually impossible to overcome such a bias by co-operating with such people.
(See also Sociology Lessons [10], and Confessions of a Manipulator [10].)

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Direct Revelation

This study emphasises one of the Eight Ways to Know God's Will. Revelations need interpretations and interpretations need applications if they are to be effective.

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Prophets, Martyrs and Saints

Wanna be a saint? a prophet? a martyr? There are plenty of positions vacant, but few applicants. Lift your sights and aim for what should really be the norm for true believers. (See Our Mission, Position Vacant [10], A Sense of His Story [10], Aim for the Sky [10].)

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Unconditional Love?

Real love involves rules. Satan's counterfeit (which has captured the imagination of so much of the world today) omits repentance and even forgiveness. Check and you will see that the word "if" precedes almost all of the promises in the Bible. "If" is the key word in locating the condition that God expects us to meet before we get the benefits of his grace.
(See also The Tolerance Myth [10], The Cult of Selfishness [10], and Why Communes Fail.)

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Empowerment Sessions

This is the how-to of setting up a personal program for empowering yourself. Worth re-reading from time to time.

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The Trend Toward Tolerance

A five-star study for someone wanting to understand how to show grace and discipline at the same time. It outlines a body of teaching from ourselves that tries to see truth outside of our own movement and outside of our own leadership. Then it considers how this fits in with our continued emphasis on discipline and high standards.
(See also Pastors and Teachers [10], In Spirit and in Truth, Divine Love [10], and The Body of Christ.)

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