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Jared’s deposition took place in Glendale, California, on June 19, 2009.  His lawyers - Scott Mizen and Neil Fraser  – attended, along with Reinhard, Reinhard’s lawyer (Gary), and a court reporter.

It became clear from the start that Jared had also been instructed to say "I don't recall" whenever asked a difficult question; but he got it all wrong and pleaded memory loss on the most trivial things.  

He was being asked, for example, about what happened when he went to court in relation to the attack on Reinhard.  This was partially significant because we could not find clear evidence that the court had taken any action at all against him, even though it was now three years since the attack.  However, the only time Jared slipped out of amnesia mode was when he said that the case had been 'continued', which is the very fact we had been looking for.  Here is part of that exchange, with Gary's questions in bold and Jared's responses in italics:

Gary:  Do you recall the first time you had to go to court about the events of May 5, 2006?

Jared:  I don't recall.

Gary:  What is your first recollection about going to court concerning the events of May 5, 2006?

Jared:  I don't recall.

Gary:  Do you have any other recollection of what happened in court the very first time that you have a recollection of being in court?

Jared:  Being in court, no. It's continued. That's all. Continued.

Gary:  And do you know which building you went to?

Jared:  I don't recall which building.

Gary:  Do you recall which city you were in?

Jared:  Let me see.  I think in Long Beach, because it [the attack] took place in Long Beach.

Gary:  How long have you been married to Sheila?

Jared:  I don't recall, but more than ten years.

Gary:  Do you recall what date you were married on?

Jared:  No, I don't recall.

Gary:  Do you recall where you were married?

Jared:  No, I don't recall.

Amongst other things, he claimed not to know where my younger brother, Josh, lived, or the age of his daughter, Lavanita.

This pattern of disremembering moved from trivial topics to more significant details relating to the attack.  Although ‘not recalling’ was to have been Jared's obvious defense against the truth, Gary persevered and was eventually able to get him to open up on quite a few things.  

He asked about Jared's relationship with John.  Jared shared that he now spoke with John almost every day.  This surprised me, as before I had joined the Jesus Christians, the relationship between the two had been awful.  They would speak to each other once or twice a month at best.  It seems that conspiracy to commit murder has a way of forging dramatic improvements in the relationships between those involved!

Jared echoed Sheila in saying that Reinhard announced on entering the house, “We’re Jesus Christians and we’re killers for Christ!”  Seriously, what kind of killer would start with a line like that?  "Hello, my name is Charles Manson.  I am a serial killer."  What a joke!

But Jared decided to further embellish the ludicrous picture which Sheila had started painting.  He said that, upon entering the house, Reinhard and Jeremy sat down, crossed their legs, and started vibrating like genies attempting to levitate.  From 'kidnappers for Christ', to 'killers for Christ', to 'robbers for Christ', and now it was 'genies for Christ', levitating around the room!  It was hard for some of those in the deposition room to keep from laughing.

Jared:  I – I observed them flop down to the floor and cross their legs and start vibrating their legs and shaking like they were some kind of genie to lift themselves off the table – off the floor.  You know, they was vibrating – had their legs crossed vibrating.

His story was not just false; it was absurd!  Genies, shaking, vibrating, levitation: did Jared fancy he could write fairy-tales?  Let's imagine for a minute that we really were on the floor (or table!) vibrating.  How would Jared have known that it was a prelude to levitating?  Were we chanting, "We are Jesus Christians!  Levitators for Christ!" or did Jared, perhaps, actually see us floating around the room?  Obviously, the whole thing was a figment of his imagination.  In trying to make us sound bizarre, he was only making himself look silly.  

Jared did not stop at telling such lies about Reinhard and Jeremy; he seemed to feel a need to tell them about me too, maybe to convince himself that part of my official 'brainwashing' was learning how to levitate!

Jared:  Then I got shocked and I started looking at Joseph and he was doing the same thing... Then they got up and started doing that ritual of – doing that martial arts gesture, throwing limbs up and down, back and forth, saying, ‘We’re killers for Christ!’ 

Gary asked Jared to demonstrate this ritual which he had just described.  Jared said he couldn’t do it.

I really cannot do it the way they were doing it.  I hadn’t seen that kind of...  It – just swing your arms up and down and – and – and – and, you know, they were moving back and forth a little.

Of course the real reason why Jared could not demonstrate the martial arts ritual, was because there was none!  He had made it all up, and was now being asked to provide his recollection of something that he had never seen.  Jared was at a loss to make up a karate routine without time to think something out.  Gary was further revealing what a feeble job my father had done in preparing his case against us.

Jared shifted from accusing me of doing the whole killers for Christ/genie/karate routine to a further invention which totally contradicted it.  He says I came straight out and said that I was thinking of leaving the Jesus Christians and staying with them.  According to Jared, I said:  “I’m not sure what I should do.  Should I stay here with my parents or should I go with the Jesus Christians?”

Then he says that Reinhard grabbed me by the arm and tried to force me to go with him, and he had to save me from Reinhard.  He then has Reinhard moving to unplug the VCR (apparently to comply with Sheila's robbery claim), before doing more judo chops toward himself, and then commanding me to get my stuff.  Do I even need to say that it was all lies?

Gary wanted to establish just how much personal interest Jared had in the so-called kidnapping and whatever danger he imagined me to be in, and how much of the fabrication had come from Sheila and/or Rick Ross.  The line of questioning (and, of course, the answers) is compelling reading:

Gary:  Did you talk to anybody that you considered to be an authority on the subject, prior to May the 5th?

Jared: We were communicating with Rick Ross as an authority. He is an authority on different cults.

Gary:  And how do you know that Rick Ross is an authority on cults?

Jared:  It says it on his website, and Sheila gave me that information after looking it up.

Gary:  So Mr. Ross' website says that he's an authority on cults; is that correct?

Jared:  I think... I'm not sure.  Sheila told me that he's an authority on cults and stuff.

Gary:  I see. Anybody else that you've conferred with that you believe was an authority on cults on or before May 5th, 2006?

Jared:  I don't recall any...

Gary:  In your mind, sir, did you read any authoritative materials that indicated that the Jesus Christians are or were a cult, prior to the day of the incident?

Jared:  I don't recollect, but I'm sure I did. I mean, I... I... I think I did. I had... He missed... kidnapped for ten days and getting these cult revelations and things and getting the information. And also verify... changed the locks on the front door. We had called our.. got... we hired a security guard in our house. We paid to have a security guard in our house... We didn't know if he was coming back. All we know is bad, crazy things about cults. They go extreme and they kill families.

Gary:   I see. And where did you get that information from? That they kill families and they go to extremes and bad crazy things.

Jared:  Because Jim Jones did that. The news... the news, the television, the internet.

Remember that Sheila had said that she got all of this stuff from John!

Gary:  Anything else you based that on?

Jared:  The other people... talking with other people and reading things about... they do things like donate organs and God wouldn't have given you your organs if you don't need them. You don't have to donate organs. You don't have to cut yourself up. He.. He put you together. I mean, you don't have to cut yourself up and donate an organ or something.

For readers who are not aware of it, quite a few Jesus Christians have donated a kidney to people dying from kidney disease.  There is nothing illegal or immoral about that, and such an action is highly praised by most people.  There has been no coercion or payment for Jesus Christians, and all kidney donations were passed and carried out by recognized medical authorities after extensive physical and psychological testing.

Gary:  Did you look for materials on the internet that would assist you in dealing with a potential cult?

Jared:  No. I wasn't trying to deal with the cult. That's why I changed the locks. That's what I was told, to change the locks.

I don't know if Gary missed it, or if he was just saving it for further interrogation during the actual trial (because he did not pursue the matter at the time), but Jared made it clear here that someone had instructed him to change the locks... consistent with the paranoia that is promoted by cult-busters around the world... a paranoia which almost ended in the death of a very close friend of mine.

The questioning continues: 

Gary:  Did you want to save your son from a cult?

Jared:  Yes.

Gary:  So did you... were you interested in any materials on the internet that would show you how?

Jared:  Oh yeah, we did. Sheila.

Gary:  Did you? What did you find?

Jared:  Sheila did.

Gary:  Sheila did? Did you?

Jared:  She told me she was... yeah, the guy in... I think in England, this guy she was trying to talk to. Who deals with... who was in a cult and he got out of the cult. So... and he's... he knows about... yeah. Um-hmm. 

Gary:  Did you ever put the word 'cult' into a search bar like a Google search or...

Jared:  No.  Sheila might have done. I didn't have...  I had to work.

Gary:  Okay.  Did you ever put the words "Killers for Christ" into a search engine on the internet like google or MSN or any other search engine?

Jared:  No, I didn't. I read it, though.

Gary:  You read it where?

Jared:  Several internet papers.

Gary:  So how did you get to those internet papers if you didn't put a search in?

Jared:  First of all, I heard it first. First of all, I heard it first from Reinhard and Kronmiller, Joseph. Then I read it also on one of the papers that I was able to pull up.

Gary:  From where?

Jared:  I don't recall.

What I now know is that there was a hate site which accused Dave of having used the phrase 'killers for Christ' jokingly many years ago.  Someone from that hate site had sent information to the FBI and the Long Beach Police months after the attack, suggesting that the Jesus Christians were terrorists... 'killers for Christ'.  That information circulated around the world, more than a year after the attack on Reinhard.  

People on that hate site had made contact with my parents and passed on that information, which obviously became the basis for the whole genie kung-fu debacle that Jared concocted during the deposition.  I have no doubt that even the people who fed Jared this information were embarrassed by the terrible mess he made of it.

Gary tried to tactfully point this out to Jared:

Gary:  Mr. Johnson, sometimes somebody has a viewpoint that a group is bad and then they grab some words and phrases out of their materials and then they tell a story about why that's a bad idea.  I wouldn't consider that reading material about the group, but that's material critical of the group. By contrast, the group itself may put up some literature, some material telling about their viewpoints and what they want people to know about them. That, I would consider to be group material they want people to read in favor of the group. Do you understand the distinction I'm making?

Jared:  Yes.

Gary:  So I'm interested in knowing whether you've ever read any material about the Jesus Christians that was put out by the Jesus Christians?

Jared:  But if you... I read bad stuff and not so bad stuff, but you can conclude that it was bad if that particular group wants you... encourages you to donate one of your organs you're born with. If that group...

Gary:  Have you ever read the book that Joe read, that your wife had brought home?

Jared:  I tried to look at the cover and I didn't read it. You know, because the roots of the book came from crazy... a group. Came... no, no, I haven't read it. I didn't... I was not interested. I already had got information about the bad things and the destructive things, the close to suicidal things that they... that they think it's okay... so that... that prevented me from reading the book.

What my father, a reasonably well-educated high school math teacher, was saying, was that he was afraid to read anything put out by the Jesus Christians, because it would do unspeakable things to his brain.  It is quite unbelievable how widespread this type of fear is.  It is systematically and deliberately promulgated by hate sites such as those owned by people like Rick Ross.  My own father is no longer able to communicate with me, for fear that I will suck his brains out.  And Rick Ross has the audacity to say that it is the so-called cults that split up families!

Gary:  Mr. Johnson, do you consider your son a genius?

Jared:  Well, in elementary school he was doing so well, his mother had him tested by the psychiatrist as a genius, but I'm not sure what I know. 

Gary:  But, Mr. Johnson, you know your son tested genius, right?

Jared:  Yes.

Gary:  Certainly, Mr. Johnson, you could see the benefit of having somebody to talk to him about what he's interested in?

Jared:  Yes. I could see the benefit in it.

What a shame that Jared never acted on what he could see.  Even today, he has not written to me.  If you want to talk about mind control, Jared's mind was totally controlled by evil forces that stopped him from even listening to me when I tried to talk to him on the phone.  Listen to this one:

Gary:  Mr. Johnson, have you ever had a discussion with your son Joe since May 5th, 2006, about why he left?

Jared:  No. Somebody called me on the phone saying he was Joe. I... how do you know? You can't see through the phone, and no, I haven't. It's cold.

If talking over the phone is cold, how much colder is it to not communicate at all?  Jared has virtually disowned me in obedience to the fear-mongering that has come to him from the likes of Rick Ross and Prince Sullivan.  They know that if he were to listen, he would soon see just how false the lies are... including his own.

But Jared's coldness toward me is also there in his supposedly improved relationship with John.  Observe that Jared's testimony below is aimed at dumping the blame on John for the attack.  He knows how to plead amnesia for himself, but he is quite blunt about giving evidence against John.  Questions start with John arriving at the house in the midst of Jared's attack on Reinhard.

Gary:  When he [John] approached the house, was he walking or running or something else?

Jared:  Running.

Gary:  What is the first thing you heard John say?

Jared:  The first thing I heard John say, speaking to the people going by, he said, "They're trying to rob my mama's house."

Gary:  What did he do next?

Jared: He saw me outside trying to prevent Reinhard from getting back in, because he wouldn't budge.

Gary:  And the resistance, did that include turning or twisting or simply not moving as fast as you wanted, or something else?

A. Not moving.

Gary:  So you were pushing him toward the front gate, is that correct?

Jared:  Yes. And in the struggle I swung at him.

Gary:  Did you make any contact with Mr. Zeuner when you swung at him?

Jared:  I don't think I did. I don't recall.

Gary:  Did Mr. Zeuner make any contact with you?

Jared:  I don't know.  I don't recall that part, but I do know he was resisting...

Gary:  Did he do anything else with his body during that physical interval other than resist moving as quickly as you wanted him to move?

Jared:  I don't recall, other than resisting.  That's the only thing I do recall.

Gary:  Did you hit Mr. Zeuner?

Jared:  I don't recall.

Gary:  Was there any other physical interaction between you and Mr. Zeuner that you haven't already told me about?

Jared:  No. No.

Gary:  So Mr. Zeuner didn't hit you and you didn't hit him before the scene we saw on the video; is that correct?

Jared:  Correct... About that time John arrived.  John saw what's happening. He already heard Mom said, "The cult is here," John hopped the fence and from behind he hit Zeuner and took over the fight.

Gary:  So Mr. Zeuner's movements, as you're reporting it, were on his own power, on his own legs to the fence, and he tripped over the fence?

Jared:  Yes. But as he was moving, he was still getting hit.

Gary:  By whom?

Jared:  By John.  John took over the fight.

Gary:  Am I correct that you followed along?

Jared:  No. I just... not followed along like... like tried to accompany him. I watched. When they got to the gate and when he tripped over the gate, I... I went out, you know, to see what was going on further. Because I was trying to look back and forth into the house, see if everybody was okay.

Gary:  When you got to the position outside the gate, was Mr. Zeuner already on the ground?

Jared:  Yes.

Gary:  Did you see John hitting him?

A. Yes.

Gary:  Did you see John hitting Mr. Zeuner while Mr. Zeuner was on the ground?

A. Um, I wasn't at that point close enough to actually see him hit him, but I can assume while... I mean, nobody would punch the ground, the cement. I could assume.

[Jared's lawyer] Don't assume anything. What did you see?

A. I saw John punching, punching him.

Jared had started by saying that he only assumed John was punching Reinhard, that he could not see; but then he upgraded it to an outright accusation, knowing that if he did not pin the blame squarely on John, someone might think that he, Jared, a respectable high school teacher, had actually dirtied his hands in this disgusting show of cruelty and cowardice.  Jared not only participated in the attack, he virtually orchestrated it; but then he blamed his own son for all of it.  Of course, at this stage, Jared still stupidly believed that there was no evidence that he had participated in the attack.  So Gary shows the video of the attack and then discusses it.

Gary:  Why did you kick Mr. Zeuner?

A.  Because he was trying to get back in the house. I wanted to make sure he wasn't... he wouldn't... he would give up the idea of trying to get back into the house.

Gary:  Mr. Johnson, didn't you realize that Mr. Zeuner was unconscious?

A. No, I didn't. No, not the way he was acting, as weird as that. You don't take time to realize anything.

Jared and Sheila both seem to like that word 'weird'.  Was Reinhard levitating as Jared kicked him in the head?  No, he was unconscious on the ground.  Jared says that he wanted "to make sure that he wasn't..."  Wasn't what?  Alive?

Gary:  Did you see Mr. Zeuner's eyes open or closed when you kicked his head?

[Jared's lawyer] Objection. You accused Mr. Johnson of kicking Mr. Zeuner's head.

Gary:  He kicked him twice, at least.

[Jared's lawyer] No.

Gary:  It's very clear to me that this gentleman kicked him, at least two times, in the head.

[Jared's lawyer] No.

Gary: Within a week I will deliver to you a picture of his left foot against Mr. Zeuner's head, from the video. I want something in return. I want you to acknowledge that this man damaged Mr. Zeuner.

[Jared's lawyer] That's not going to happen.

Gary:  Mr. Johnson, are you denying that you kicked Mr. Zeuner in the head?

A. Yes. Definitely.

Gary:  Are you positive that you never kicked Mr. Zeuner?

Jared:  I may have kicked him. I may have connected. I don't know even know on that fast motion.

Gary:  Tell me about any time when you moved your foot near Mr. Zeuner and may have kicked him.

Jared: I moved my foot after John... after it looked like John was taking a... was finished. When it looked like I had a chance, but I couldn't hardly kick him because John was in the way.

Jared started to say that he was kicking Reinhard because it looked like John was taking a rest. Tag-team murder!  It was a joint effort to keep kicking Reinhard until he was dead. 

It is significant that in the video, Jared is wearing street clothes, the same ones that he was wearing when he answered the door that morning.  In some ways it is a minor point, i.e. whether he was asleep or not when we arrived; but it was important (a) because Jared and Sheila were trying to excuse their behavior on the grounds that we had startled them by waking them up very early in the morning, and (b) because it showed further Jared's dishonesty.  Obviously, everyone's story (theirs and ours) did not allow for a five minute break while Jared and Sheila excused themselves to change into street clothes.  Here is how the questioning went:

Gary:  On May 5, 2006, some young men, including your son, entered your home. Do you recall that?

Jared:  The young men, yeah, early in the morning. We were both asleep.

Gary:  What's your first awareness of Mr. Zeuner, Mr. Kronmiller, and your son Joseph on that morning?

Jared:  I heard the doorbell ring in the morning. Very early in the morning.

Gary:  At some point that morning did you see your son Josh?

Jared:  Yes.

Gary:  Was he in his sleeping garments or something else?

Jared:  He was in his sleeping garments, I think.

Gary:  Were you clad in your sleeping garments?

Jared:  Yes.

Gary:  And do you recall... could you describe your sleeping garments to me?

Jared:  I don't recall them.

Gary:  During the course of the events that morning only, which I understand you've described as being rapid, did you ever see your son Josh in clothing other than sleeping garments?

Jared:  I don't recall.

Gary:  That morning as the rapid events unfolded, did you ever see your wife Sheila in garments other than her sleeping garments?

Jared:  I don't recall.

Gary:  And with respect to your own garments, did you ever change from your sleeping garments to something else that morning during the rapid course of events?

Jared:  I don't recall the exact time but I do... in reasoning I can say I changed... when I got out of my clothes.

[Jared's lawyer] But the question is, did that occur during the time that Mr. Zeuner and Mr. Kronmiller were in your house?

Jared:  Yes.

Gary:  I'm learning then, that you changed... you recall changing your clothing while they were in your home?

Jared:  Sometime. I don't... sometime that day. What... what... I don't know... when they were in the house. I do remember getting... I really don't recall, it's been so long ago... at what time I got in my clothes.

[Jared's lawyer] If you don't recall, you don't recall.

A. I don't recall.

Gary asked Jared to elaborate on our departure from the scene for the visit to Prince Sullivan, the local cult-buster.  It was significant that the front passenger seat had been left empty while Jared and Josh pinned me in the middle in the back, thus providing evidence that I was being taken there against my will, i.e. kidnapped.  

In the following exchange it is significant that Jared admits that Prince had spoken to them at length about cults supposedly 'kidnapping' people, when, in fact, to my knowledge, the only people who have ever kidnapped people in relation to them joining Christian religious groups have been cult-busters and people working under instructions from cult-busters.  Rick Ross himself has been officially charged with kidnapping and he settled out of court for quite a huge sum because of it. 

Gary:  What was the intention or purpose of getting in the car?

Jared:  The purpose was to try to take Joseph to visit Pastor Prince, I believe. And then to let Joseph air out. 

Gary:  Who arranged to see Pastor Prince?

Jared:  It was just someone Sheila ran into one day while going to the cleaners. He owned the cleaners and she was talking about, you know, her son being kidnapped. She already alerted the FBI, and you know, she was just telling him about her son, you know, being kidnapped and what their... the FBI is doing with this problem.

The picture that emerges here is that Prince Sullivan had previously arranged for them to kidnap me and bring me to him if they succeeded.  The hired security guard had also been brought there for that purpose, had I arrived when I had told them I was going to arrive.

Gary:  Had you ever spoken to Pastor Prince before May 5th of 2006?

Jared:  No, I don't think so.

Gary:  Has Sheila ever explained to you anything about Pastor Prince to suggest to you that he had some qualifications or abilities that would be useful to you following the incidents that you talked about on May 5th, 2006?

Jared:  Yes. She had told me Pastor Prince, you know, says he has talked to people who were kidnapped by cults before, and so once hearing that, Sheila thought he could talk to Joseph.

Gary:  So all the data you had, all the information you had at the time you piled in the car on the 5th of May was that Pastor Prince had talked to people, if I'm repeating you correctly, who had been kidnapped by cults?

Jared:  That's not all the data I had.

Gary:  What else did you have?

Jared:  I had internet searches that I made.

Gary:  About Pastor Prince?

Jared:  About cults.

Gary:  Mr. Johnson, we're talking about Pastor Prince.

Jared:  Yeah, and I think she... she said he, you know, has had... not necessarily practice, but he has had... different occasions where he talked to people who are kidnapped by cults. And I didn't have any data on Pastor Prince. I was believing what Sheila said.

Gary:  Now, as you drove to Pastor Prince's... well, first of all, did you invite Joe to see Pastor Prince?

Jared:  No. We did not invite Joe.

Gary:  Did you order him?

Jared:  We invited Joe to come along with us.

Gary:  Did you personally insist that Joe accompany you?

Jared:  Yes. I didn't insist really. Excuse me. Scratch that. I didn't insist. Mom invited him to come along with her and "Let's go cool off and talk about things."

Gary:  When you piled in the car, did you think that it was Mom's good idea to see Pastor Prince and that Joe was going along because he wanted to?

Jared:  Yes.

Gary:  Did you know that Sheila was holding a gun?

Jared:  No, I did not.

Gary:  Okay, where was Joe seated in the car?

Jared:  He was between myself and... Where was Joe sitting in the car? In the back seat with myself... or in the backseat, yeah.

Notice that Jared starts to say that I was seated between him and Josh.  However, he corrects himself and then pretends to have no recollection of Josh even being there.

Gary:  Where was Sheila seated in the car?

Jared:  In the driver's seat.

Gary:  And where was Joshua seated in the car?

Jared:  I'm not sure if he came. Was he seated... see, one year is approximately 365 days. It's not easy to remember over a thousand days. I don't recall..

Finally, there was the question of Reinhard's hospital bills.  Jared was trying to plead innocent of any harm to Reinhard at the same time that he had entered a secret agreement with the police to pay part of Reinhard's medical bills in exchange for them letting him off on the charges.  There was an obvious contradiction in him paying the bills and his claim that he was, in fact, innocent.

Gary:  Mr. Johnson, at some point in time you decided to pay for Mr. Zeuner's medical expenses; is that correct?

Jared:  Yes.

Gary:  When did you decide to pay for Mr. Zeuner's medical expenses?

Jared:  I don't know the exact date... but I offered that in the court proceedings.

Gary:  What court proceedings?

Jared:  They tried to charge me with battery, so I had... I just offered that in the court proceedings in Long Beach.

Gary:  And the amount that you paid for Mr. Zeuner's medical bills was how much, approximately? It doesn't have to be precise.

Jared:  Approximately, after the negotiations, approximately 28,000, 27,000.

Gary:  And did you do that as part of an arrangement you made with a court?

Jared:  I didn't make the arrangement. It's volunteered. I volunteered to pay for the bills. Pay for the medicals.

Gary:  In the course of your lifetime, have you ever volunteered to pay anybody else's medical bills?

Jared:  I don't recall. I have to sit down and think, but I don't recall that at this time.

Gary:  In the course of your lifetime, have you ever donated at any one time $28,000 to the charity of your choice?

Jared:  No.

Gary:  In the course of your lifetime how many times have you written a check for over $25,000?

Jared:  Wow. I don't think I ever did that.

Gary:  So when you made this arrangement to pay Mr. Zeuner's medical bills, was that because you knew you had done something wrong?

[Jared's lawyer] I instruct you not to answer.

Gary:  Okay, Mr. Johnson, why did you pay $28,000 for Mr. Zeuner's medical bills?

[Jared's lawyer] Objection, invades Mr. Johnson's privacy.

Gary:  Mr. Johnson, when you paid Mr. Zeuner's medical bills, did you intend that as a charitable donation?

[Jared's lawyer] Objection. Instruct not to answer.

Gary:  I'm asking him why he wrote a check for $28,000, to bless Mr. Zeuner so that Mr. Zeuner wouldn't have to pay his medical expenses.

[Jared's lawyer] My objection is attorney/client privilege.

Gary:  Well, it will sound adorable at trial. That and the Fifth Amendment always sound great.

Gary ended the deposition soon after that question.

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