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The next restraining order hearing, which John brought against Reinhard and Jeremy, took place on October 1st - a week after the one Reinhard and I had brought against John and Sheila.  Jesse, Jayme, and I attended the hearing, alongside Reinhard and Jeremy.

The presiding judge, Jacob Adajian, was putting names together with faces when John lifted his hand to speak.

Jacob:  Yes, you want to say something?  Go ahead.

John:  This is a cult.  They brainwashed my little brother.

Jacob:  Is your little brother here?

John:  Yes.

Jacob:  How old is your little brother?

Me:  I am 21.

The judge noted that I was seated on Jeremy and Reinhard's side of the court, and not on John's side.

Jacob:  He seems to be on the other side.

John:  They brainwashed him when he was 16.

Sheila:  They are predators and have scandals all over the world.

Jacob:  Sounds complicated to me.

John:  He went to my mom's house and tried to rob the house. They know that Joe came from a good family.  They brainwashed him.

Jacob:  I want to talk about you saying he hit you.

John:  Well, he elbowed me, yeah.

Jacob:  And you say they whipped your brother on national television?  Are you talking about this younger brother here?

John:  Yeah.  He's the shortest in the family, sir.

Jacob:  They whipped him, and he's here now as their witness?

Sheila:  Yes, because he is a member of their notorious cult. He's bi-polar.

John:  He was 16 years old, still in high school, when they e-mailed him and secretly started meeting with him.

Jacob:  But he's 21 years old; he's saying everything is fine with him.

Obviously, if I had been assaulted by Jeremy and Reinhard, then I should have been the one taking out a restraining order, and not John.  A trained judge could see that all this talk about me had nothing to do with John needing to restrain Reinhard and Jeremy, but Judge Jacob wasn't always so sure.

Jacob:  I can't stop your brother from being whipped if he wants to be whipped. He's crazy to want to be whipped, but that's his problem.

Sheila:  I am the mother of both of these sons.  Unfortunately, he got mixed up with this cult, and his condition led him off the path.

My 'condition'?  Sheila was becoming more determined to destroy me by whatever means she could find.  She had absolutely no evidence at all for her claims about me being bi-polar, but evidence did not seem to be of much importance to this judge in this case.  After all, the 'c' word and the 'b' word had both been said by John in the opening sentence.

Sheila: My son [John] is here because these people continue to harass us since they had that fight in 2006. 

Here is a good illustration of just how important it is for a just society to punish criminal behaviour.  She was already telling herself that the attack on Reinhard was a 'fight', even though we had video evidence that it was attempted murder on the part of John and Jared.  This was also evidence of just how dangerous my family still were, both to me and to the rest of the Jesus Christian community.

Jacob: How are they harassing you?

John:  They're coming to my mother's house with campers, and they think nobody sees them.

John could only have been talking about one vehicle on one morning being parked a hundred yards away for about an hour, in order to observe when they left the house, so a process server could issue them with legal papers.  And he was calling that harassment!

Jacob:  You say they were coming into your house?

John:  They coming around my mom's house and my house.

Notice that he adds his own house, which is totally untrue.  Because there was absolutely no threat to himself, he had no business even thinking about taking out a restraining order against Reinhard and Jeremy.  This whole hearing was a form of harassment.  

Jacob:  Are they coming into the house?

Sheila:  They came in once.

John:  They came in once.  

Jacob:  That is burglary.  Have you contacted the police and said people are coming into your house when you don't want them in your house?

John:  Yes.  Me and my mom went and she filed charges. 

If we had been given half a chance, we could have shown that all of this was total fabrication... jumping from a camper parked a hundred yards away for an hour or so, to an invitation to come into quite a different house three years earlier, to a false report about a kidnapping that never happened.  It was just one lie after the other.  But I could tell by the tone of Jacob's voice that he was falling for it.

Jacob:  If you think there is an international conspiracy, then you've got to be talking to somebody other than me. You've got to be talking to Jerry Brown, the attorney general.  You've got to be talking to the D.A.'s office, maybe even the federal authorities if you think it's international.

Sheila let out a little smile as the judge said this.  She knew she had won him over; in the space of a few minutes she had managed to convince him that we were virtually an international terrorist organization.

Jacob:  I can restrain them from contacting... from harassing you, and that's what I will do if they are, in fact, harassing you. But I can't prevent your 21-year old brother from getting whipped or whatever the heck he wants to do.

John:  I am fine with that.

Sheila:  We are fine with that.  It's been a continuous pattern of harassment since 2006.

Jacob:  I want John to tell me.  John filed this.  

It was good to see someone put her in line; I had a bit more respect for the judge after that.

John:  Okay.  They coming around the house with campers, and they are stalking, you know. They have my brother, and they are -- they are so greedy, they want the whole family.  I have a younger brother.

Jacob:  How old is your younger brother?

John: 18 -- He's -- he's with my mom.  I want my mom, my dad, everybody to have a restraining order.

Jacob:  I'm the oldest brother in my family, but when my brothers hit 18 and 19, I couldn't tell them what to do anymore. But you know, the only -- one of the ways you could go is if you think your brother is mentally incompetent of making the right choices, file an action in the Superior Court and try to get a conservatorship appointed over him, you know, to say he can't handle his own affairs and you want to get somebody appointed to handle his own affairs, if you think he's mentally incompetent.

I looked over at Reinhard in dismay after hearing the judge say that.  Here he was, a supposedly neutral third party, having heard only one incredibly bizarre side of the case, yet freely volunteering legal advice on how to get me admitted to a mental hospital.  How atrocious!

Sheila:  They go all over the world, they eat out of trash cans, so you can't find them to serve them.  They live a nomadic -- kind of like Al-Qaeda.

Jeremy:  We haven't had a chance to speak yet.

More than anything, I was upset about Sheila claiming that I was bi-polar when it was totally false.  I was still thinking that the judge could see through the other stuff.

Me:  A lot of things that are being said are just totally disrespectful to my mental faculties. I find that quite insulting.  

I tried to slow my breathing, to calm myself down.

Me:  But most importantly, John has attacked Reinhard and beat him. This gentleman here [pointing at Reinhard] did not lift a finger in defense, and we have the whole thing on video which I would like you to see. But about the harassment, I filed for a restraining order against them, and they only did this in retaliation.

Jacob:  I am talking to John now about John's problem about being harassed.

Me:  We'd ask for some evidence that's been done.

Jacob:  Hang on.  That has nothing to do with you. You may be at the heart of this problem, but it has nothing to do with you if this gentleman is harassing John.

The truth is that I really had nothing to do with the case.  If I was bi-polar, kidnapped, brainwashed, whipped, or whatever, it had nothing to do with whether or not Reinhard or Jeremy had laid a finger on John.  But it was becoming more and more clear that Jacob did see me as being all of those things, and that he was struggling to find a way to assist Sheila and John in their campaign and to silence me at the same time.  He had already decided that their lies about me put me "at the heart of the case".  Any hopes of a fair hearing had pretty much disappeared by this stage.

John:  He's coming around the house.

Jacob:  You say he's coming around the house.  Is he outside taking pictures of the house, or is he inside?

John:  Outside taking pictures of my mom, you know looking at her. They are like perverts, you know. They take pictures of my mom. I don't know if they are infatuated with sex or something.

Jacob:  Sir, are you taking pictures of their house?

Reinhard:  No, I have not.  

Reinhard had never even been to their house in Carson; he stayed away the day Jesse, Jeremy, and I had gone to note what time they left the house.  And none of us had ever taken pictures of them at their house.  John and Sheila were having a field day, making up one lie after another, as it became clear that Jacob was going to let them get away with it.

Jacob:  Do you have any reason to be even near their house?

Reinhard:  No.  I filed a restraining order against John. I don't want him nearby.

Jacob:  How about if I say that you are restrained from -- staying a thousand yards away from their house?  How would that affect your life? I mean, you're afraid of him.

What was happening?  Without even hearing our side, this judge was trying to trick Reinhard into agreeing with an order which would be part of his permanent police record, and he was making it ten times stronger (1000 yards as opposed to 100 yards) than the one that had been issued against John a week before.  In other words, John could chase Reinhard (as long as he did not get closer than 100 yards from him) and still have Reinhard charged with breaking a restraining order!  I know that this book has been made very long because of all the legal proceedings, but it is precisely because what happened in those proceedings is so totally unbelievable to the average person, that it has been necessary to include it.  This really happened.  This judge actually said and did this.

Reinhard:  No intention to go near their house at all - ever.

Jacob:  Then it would not affect you.  I’ll issue it. 1,000 yards away from where John lives.   

I threw my hands up in disgust at this point, glancing over at Reinhard and Jeremy to note a similar reaction from them.  One thousand yards means a circle around John's house that is well over one mile in diameter.  And then Jacob increased the order to cover two addresses, one where John lived and one where he often did gardening.  That takes in several shopping centers and a freeway.  We often worked in those areas distributing our literature.  We could not believe what we were hearing.

Reinhard:  You realize there's a restraining order in force on my behalf against John?

Jacob:  Right, and we will do one on his behalf against you.  

Jeremy:  You listened to everything they said.

Jacob:  He said he doesn't want to be anywhere near this gentleman.  I said, fine, this gentleman doesn't want him anywhere near him. Now he has a restraining order, and there is peace… 1,000 yards apart.”

Jeremy:  It's a negative reflection on his record because he is…

Jacob:  Well, the whole thing is a negative reflection on everything if this guy allows himself to be whipped. I'm here to keep the peace, and the peace is 1,000 yards away.  Stay 1,000 yards away from those addresses, sir.

Then Jacob turned to Jeremy.

Jacob:  Have you ever been around those addresses?  Are you taking any pictures?

Jeremy:  We were trying to serve him papers.

He went on to explain how we had asked the sheriff to serve them, but my family had refused to answer the door each time they came to the house.

Jacob:  Back to you.  Why do you want a restraining order against Mr. Kronmiller?

John:  Your honor, to keep the peace.  This is a weird group of people. They go after families that have made it, you know, teachers and -- you know.

Jacob:  If you tell me that they're a -- a cult and that they brainwashed -- you know…  I can't restrain them from doing anything with your brother because he is 21 years old... I can't stop him. I would need about two months to make a determination whether or not this young man is brainwashed.  If you think something is going on where your brother is being abused, either file for conservatorship, go to the attorney general, go to the U.S. Attorney's office and do what you have to do. I can't -- I can't do it.  Anyway, what do you say Mr. Kronmiller has done to you?

John:  Okay, Kronmiller is doing the same thing that Reinhard is doing, in campers, stalking the family, looking through windows, taking pictures.  You know, going in the house and just stalking the family.  Taking pictures.

It had worked with Reinhard, so John must have figured that if he said the same lies over and over enough, Jacob would 'keep the peace' with Jeremy too.  Jeremy had only been inside their house once – the day Reinhard was attacked three years previously – and no one had taken any pictures, or even taken a camera. But John could sense that he needed something new, something even more sensational.

John:  They were taking pictures of my mom.  They have sexual problems. This guy was masturbating.

John pointed his finger at Jesse as he made his final comment.

Jacob:  Have you seen him masturbating in front of your mom?

John:  Right in this building, in court, he was masturbating.  They are sick.

Jacob:  Look, this court is not a Jerry Springer show.

One could be excused for thinking that it was, and that Judge Jacob had contributed to it by his own contempt for justice.  Still, John had obviously gone just a wee bit too far, and it was time for him to backtrack to something less sensational.

John:  They all stay in the campers and sleep in campers.

Jacob:  Mr. Kronmiller, have you been two or three feet from their house?

Jeremy:  The only reason our vehicle was ever around the house was an attempt to serve them.

Me:  I stay as far away from them as possible.

Jacob:  [to Jeremy] From now on, you are going to have to get the Sheriff to do that.  [and to me]  And you love your brother, and you're trying to get your brother in trouble?

Me:  I don't want to get him in trouble, but his actions…

Jacob:  (shouting) Then just be quiet!  Your brother obviously loves you.   [then to Jeremy] So you say, Mr. Kronmiller, one time you were close to serve papers?

Jeremy:  Yeah.  The Sheriff had attempted 10 times.

Me:  I was there, as well.

Jacob: (shouting again)  I am not talking to you.  I am trying to help you brother here... and trying to help Mr. Kronmiller. I'm not interested in you.  You made your choices. You do whatever you want.  Do you hate your brother, or what?

He was obviously angry with me because I had left home to join the Jesus Christians, and his present rage had completely distorted his ability to administer justice.

Me:  I don't hate him.

Jacob:  You keep supporting other people who your brother says are harassing him.

Me:  That's totally false.

Jacob:  If I ask you a question, please answer it. Otherwise, I'm trying to help Mr. Kronmiller here, and you're not helping.

Jeremy:  Can I take you up on the help?  He is challenging accusations being made, and I find it a bit offensive.

Jacob:  I don’t want him to challenge accusations.  This is a court!

Whoa -- I couldn’t believe my ears!  He didn’t want me to challenge accusations because we were in a court – I thought that was what courts were for!  Surely he had lost control of his own good sense.

Sheila:  If you look on their website, they tell you that they masturbate, they donate a kidney, and they have vasectomies. They do -- Reinhard donated his kidney already.

This same judge who could not handle me speaking up without being asked seemed incapable of questioning anything that Sheila interjected, no matter how unbelievable and how unrelated it was to the case.  Jacob turned to Jeremy and asked a question that really was none of his business, because it had nothing at all to do with this case.

Jacob:  Did you donate yours?

Jeremy:  Yeah.

Jacob:  You're donating kidneys?

Sheila:  They are weird.  I don't want to end up like Charlie Manson.

In the end, Jacob did not issue a restraining order against Jeremy.  Since Jeremy and Reinhard worked together, the order against Reinhard effectively tied Jeremy's hands anyway.  But John and Sheila still would not let up, causing Jacob to give them more hints about how to have me committed to a mental institution.

John:  Your honor, this is the slickest -- you know, he's like the Most Valuable Player of their cult, and he's very conniving. And I feel he just found a way to kind of flatten out the situation.

Jacob:  If your brother wants to give away his kidney, that's his business, unless you think he is incompetent. If you think he is incompetent to make those decisions, go to court and try to get a conservator appointed to try and take care of him.  As far as your brother is concerned, I hate to tell you this, but from his actions here in court, if my brother was acting like this, he would no longer be my brother.  [then to Sheila] If you can't take it, either file for conservatorship and say, "He doesn't know what he is doing and I want control of him," or you just say, "God go with you, son," or, "somebody go with you because I can't stop you from doing what you're doing."  I'm not -- again, this is not judicial advice. This is just my advice. I'm just trying to help you as a mom.  

I found it strange that the judge, speaking from his official position, had the nerve to claim that he was not offering ‘judicial advice’.  What else do you call advice offered by a judge during official court proceedings?

Jacob:  You're going to have to -- I'm not telling you to write your son off, but he's 21 years old. He's taking care of himself so well that he's testifying against his brother.

Sheila:  And his father and mother and his whole family.

Jacob:  [to Jeremy]  Let me put it this way, I am not issuing a restraining order, but mark my word, if you go around their house, I will issue a restraining order telling you to stay away. That's all I can say.”

If it acts like a restraining order and it sounds like a restraining order, then it pretty near must be a restraining order, even though he admitted that he had no good reason to be talking to Jeremy like that.

Sheila:  Thank you very much.  I appreciate your time and diligence. I really do.

Jacob:  It's just part of my job.  Your son seems very bright.

Sheila:  But he is bi-polar.

Jacob:  You could be bi-polar and be like me.  Or you could be bi-polar and be way off the chart crazy.

Sheila:  That's where he is right now.

Yeah, and I could not be bi-polar at all, which is the truth... not that anyone was listening to me that day!

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