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Churchgoers don't mind us criticising other churches, but if the truth gets too close to home, sparks begin to fly. These are some of the articles over the years that have dared to question some sacred churchy assumptions. They conclude with a few articles that touch on some of what we have come up with as alternatives.

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What is the difference between a churchgoer and a churchie? Can the institutional church be changed best from inside or from outside? And what is the difference between the true church and the institutional church? Find out in this short article.
(See also System Worship, Jesus the Revolutionary [10], The Blood of the Lamb [10], and Convenient Doctrines.)

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System Worship

One of our strongest teachings is that we should follow God in preference to organisational hierarchy. How about you? Is your God bigger than your organisation?
(See also dogmas [10], The Unknown God, and Covering Schmuvvering)

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Covering Schmuvvering

The "covering" teaching says that submission to a respected religious authority is necessary for salvation. And hordes of people believe it‚ assuming that anyone acting independently is incapable of hearing from God. Sick stuff. It is given a healthy dose of scriptural antibiotics in this article.
(See also charismaniacs[10], False Christs[10], and I Will Have Mercy[10].)

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So, Who ARE They Following?

This comparison of Jesus' teachings and the overall thrust of church teaching on the same subjects leaves one wondering exactly what the title suggests.
(See Thou Shalt Judge, and The Gospel According to Whom?[10])

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False Teachers: Key Verses

Some tips from the Bible on how to spot false teachers.

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Respectability is faith's worst enemy. It does good works, but it does them for the wrong reason. Jesus had more opposition from respectable people than from anyone else. And so do we!
(See also False Christs[10], The Social Conscience Part 1[10], and Fear of Public Opinion.)

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Is it necessary to believe in miracles to be a Christian? Can the devil perform miracles? What is the greatest miracle? And exactly what IS a miracle anyway? Find the answers here.
(See also charismaniacs[10], and superstition.)

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Health and Healing: key verses

This is a collection of significant verses from the Bible on Health and Healing.

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The Holy Spirit: key verses

These are some key verses from the Bible on the subject of The Holy Spirit.

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Fear of the Devil

God almost always starts with the words "Fear Not" when he is trying to tell us something. Fear always distorts the message, and can cause us to mistake God for a devil.
(See also change, Fear Not!, and Losing Your Identity[10].)

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Baptism key verses

These are some key verses from the Bible about the subject of baptism.

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Grace: key verses.

Key Bible verses regarding the topic of grace, that reveal that obedience to Jesus is part and parcel of receiving the grace of God.

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Amazing Grace

Do we really believe in God's grace when we restrict salvation to members of our religion, or to people who follow our formulas for salvation? Discover just how universal God's grace really is in this amazing little article.
(See also The Good Hindu, Heavy Burdens and Difficult Yokes, Non-Christian Religions, and Smile, God Loves You!.)

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Simple Salvation

The benefits of getting people to say a prayer to "accept Jesus" are listed in this look at what is expressed in John 1:12. The article is written as a comparison between what The Family teaches about becoming a Christian and what we teach; however, it is really a comparison between what we believe and what the average Christian believes.
(See also Born Again[10], Eternal Salvation, and What is Faith?)

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Eternal Salvation

Can salvation be lost after we have received it? We consider two approaches: ours, and the one taken by The Family and most evangelicals.  (The second in a series on The Family)
(See also A Letter to a Friend, The Good Hindu, and The Sovereignty of God[10].)

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Living by Faith

A comparison between ourselves and The Family on this important doctrinal issue. Churchgoers will be surprised to learn that their position is probably closer to that of The Family than to us.
(See also Advanced Tentmaking[10], and Surely, Not All Evils!)

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The Bible

One article in a series that compares our position with that of The Family (formerly The Children of God). This one deals with how we each apply Bible teaching to Christian practice today.
(See also The Word of God, Simple Salvation, Eternal Salvation, and Living by Faith.)

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Jesus Christ

This summary of differences between ourselves and The Family is really a summary of differences between ourselves and the churches. It all boils down to whether or not we have chosen to make Jesus and his teachings the standard by which to measure all that we do and teach.
(See also We Believe in Jesus Christ, So Who ARE They Following?, and The Bible.)

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Truth in Isolation

Real truth results in wholeness (or integrity) for the one who finds it. But religion specialises in isolated bits of truth, each of which fails to line up with the other bits. The proof-texting mentality magnifies fragments and never succeeds in getting the bigger picture.
(See also The Golden Thread, The Role of Experience in the Quest for Truth[10], Solid as a Rock, and The Answer to Intellectual Atheism[10].)

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The Golden Thread

Cherry shares a lesson learned from a dream... about seeking the whole truth, and not just isolated revelations.
(See also Truth in Isolation, and Convenient Doctrines.)

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The Body of Christ

Who are the good guys, and who are the bad guys? Different ways of drawing the lines are discussed in this article.
(See also Gathering Together[10].)

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Non-Christian Religions

Christianity is not a religion. We should look for the good in all religions and encourage faith and love wherever we find them. Sincere people will see through the errors best when they are shown something better. (Easy English version)
(See also idolatry[10], Another Cornerstone[10], and The Kingdom of Heaven or Religion?.)

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The Kingdom of Heaven: key verses

People often confuse religion with the kingdom of heaven, but in many ways they are quite opposite, as these verses will show.

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Why Communes Fail

Ever wanted to start your own commune? This article lists four basic reasons why most attempts at utopian societies fail. If you can clear these hurdles, your chances of success are high.
(See also Reality in Utopia[10], opinions[10], laziness, and Anarchy and Pacifism.)

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Abuse of Power

How do we keep from repeating the sins of the systems that we oppose? Here is a simple, yet radical, answer to that question.
(See also Leaders who Serve[10].)

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So you are not into handing out tracts? This punchy article could change your thinking.
(See also laziness, The Reno Principle, and Prayer Warriors[10].)

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The Spirit of God

A radical look at the subject of the Holy Spirit. It draws parallels between married love and our relationship with God.
(See also The Word of God, and No Effeminate Person.)

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