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Deep Thoughts

After the first few articles (on prayer and fasting), there is, in many of the remaining essays, a dark emphasis on such things as backsliding, death, suicide, insanity and judgment.

A bit depressing perhaps, and yet there are, even in these sober thoughts, reasons for growth, hope and salvation.

Take the time to read each one slowly, and to let the full significance sink in.

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Just Say It

This comparison between the Lord's Prayer and the Sinner's Prayer emphasises the need to voice them continually, in order to stay in God's will and protection.
(See also Thy Kingdom Come, and Thoughts on Prayer[10].)

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The True Conscience

The true conscience is contrasted with the social conscience in this article. The true conscience is the voice of God telling us where we need to improve. Ignore it, and you become gradually insane.
(See also Plain Speech[10], Conviction vs Condemnation, character, Reprobate Minds[10], and laziness.)

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Fasting Without Ceasing

A radical approach to fasting which just happens to be a radically Christian approach to dieting as well. It could result in bigger miracles than just a change in your weight.
(See also No Fatties in Heaven?[10])

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Dave looks at how easy it is to be deceived, and also at how easy it is to not be deceived. The choice is yours.
(See also backsliding[10], No Neutrals[10], and honesty.)

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Do you spend too much time talking about what you don't like, and reacting to pet peeves in various people and groups? A true revolutionary has a strong vision of a better world to replace the old ways. Accentuate the positive, and beat the malcontent blues.
(See also Liking and Loving[10], Mark Those Who Cause Divisions, and backsliding[10].)

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A Letter to Jon Ronson

We attempted to outline to a Jewish film producer the problems he would encounter if he tried to get church leaders to comment on why they oppose us. The producer was not personally interested in thinking through the issues we have raised here, but the letter has been preserved in order to help others to think about the issues.
(See also Why Did They Kill Jesus?.)

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We're Right and They're Wrong

We've learned a lot from sociology; but the problem with all science is that, by its own definition, it never has the right to pass moral judgments. Nothing is seen as being evil except passing judgment itself. But for those of us who have the responsibility to make moral decisions, it is spiritual suicide to turn loose of our right and responsibility to recognise the difference between right and wrong.
(See Thou Shalt Judge, How We Differ from Systemites[10], and Reject Us, Reject God[10].)

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Fire and Brimstone

The world is afraid to think about death; and religion has become just one more way to avoid the subject. But real living starts with facing the reality of death.
(See also Don't Pack Your Bags[10], The Judgement[10], Thy Kingdom Come, and Judgment Day[10].)

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Fundamentalists are the blindest of all sinners, because they fear change. Have you put God in a box, that does not allow him to change you?
(See also dogmas[10], and Fear Not!.)

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Christian Science

Loving and Learning are two sides of the same coin. True scientific method is consistent with a Christian desire for truth. This short defence for science gives the other side of what we have said in Academic Towers of Babel.
(See also The Role of Experience in the Quest for Truth[10].)

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We believe that people who experience mental breakdowns have experienced a genuine spiritual reality that is unknown to the bulk of "normal" society. But being genuine and being "good" are not necessarily the same. The path from hell to heaven may require people to return to the material world and its seemingly shallow existence.
(See also Faithfulness: Some Thoughts[10].)

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Fear of Public Opinion

All that is evil in what we call "the system" is encapsulated in the spirit of fear and dishonesty that Hans Christian Andersen exposed so well in his story about The Emperor's New Clothes.
(See also The Social Conscience Part 1, The Social Conscience part 2[R], Take up the Press and Follow Me, and character.)

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If you don't have anything worth dying for, then it is questionable whether you have anything worth living for. Character has gone out of fashion, but it is still what makes life (and death) meaningful.
(See also The True Conscience, and wisdom.)

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