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Endtime and Sex

There is no immediate connection between the topics of sex and endtime prophecy. The real reason these two headings are used in the same section here is that neither topic included enough articles by themselves.

However, comparisons between the "Bride" of Christ and Babylong the "Whore" (both depicted in The Revelation) do suggest at least a spiritual link between the two subjects.

Servants of the Antichrist

This is one of several essays on the "Left Behind" series by Jenkins and LaHaye. You will be shocked to discover what is really being taught behind all of the supposedly Christian emphasis. All five of the essays appear as appendices in our own novel,  which was written as the ultimate response to all of the truths that had been left behind in the original version. Write to us if you would like to have a copy sent to you.

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Endtime Prophecy and the Revelation of Jesus Christ

This summary of The Revelation is by a former member who is now a doctor. It deals with major themes of The Revelation, and their significance in the lives of Christians today.
(See also Armageddon for Beginners.)

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The Spirit of Prophecy

The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy; but where are the teachings of Jesus in much that is written about Bible prophecy in the church world? This article contrasts the message of Jesus from the Revelation with the Hollywood drama that makes up 99% of the Left Behind series.

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Thy Kingdom Come

God's "ingenious recruiting plan" for his new world order is discussed in this overview of the practical significance of the return of Jesus.
(See also Armageddon for Beginners.)

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The Endtime: key verses

Here are some important verses to prepare us for the return of Christ.

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Signs of the Times

If you don't have time to read Armageddon for Beginners, at least take the time to read this short summary of it.
(See also Endtime Prophecy and the Revelation of Jesus Christ.)

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The Mark of the Beast

This is a detailed study on the number 666, or the Mark of the Beast. It includes quotes from reputable Bible references, and observes how the banks keep using and then dropping the number 666 in various formats, apparently to test public reaction, as well as to discredit those of us who say, "There it is! That's the mark!" only to have it withdrawn. This article emphasises the more general significance of the number and the concept of "triumphing over it" by exposing the devilish economic system behind it.
(See also Don't Take the Mark, and Armageddon for Beginners, chapters 18-19.)

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Don't Take the Mark

This is the text of a two-part poster that we plastered all over Sydney in the 1990s. It gives a good summary of The Revelation.
(See also wisdom.)

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Deaf Ears

This article includes many illustrations of the fact that the world refuses to hear or to learn from the wisdom of God. The picture it presents is a depressing one. But there are isolated exceptions, and these are the people whom God uses to build his kingdom of faith, truth, and love.
(See also Breaking the Spell, character, wisdom, Fingers in Their Ears, and Prophets, Martyrs and Saints.)

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Judgment Day

Reflections on his sister's death lead Dave to see the human family as foolishly indifferent to our ultimate accountability to God.
(See also The Judgement, and Salvation by Bluff.)

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Don't Pack Your Bags

To survive the Tribulation, we need to learn to instantly obey the voice of the Spirit. The same thing is needed now, in order to live by faith. Whether we meet God through the Second Coming or through death, the terms are the same: Forsake all and follow him... now!
(See also Forsaking All, Instant (and Cheerful) Obedience, and Fire and Brimstone.)

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The Beast and the Whore

Looking for a false prophecy made by us? This is as close as you'll get. Yet, on closer examination, the prophecy is even more relevant now than when we first made it: America will fall... and at the hands of communist Russia too!
(See also The Fall of America, Armageddon for Beginners, Endtime Prophecy and the Revelation of Jesus Christ, and Signs of the Times.)

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No More Masks

For centuries, the masses feigned virtue in order to con people who had genuine ideals. But now we are waking up to the fact that there are (almost) no genuine ideals or idealists left any more. The results could be catastrophic.
(See also Lying Liberals.)

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The Social Conscience, part 2

Genuine faith on the part of a few individuals can alter the collective (or social) conscience of an entire country. But remember that the collective conscience is a counterfeit of the real thing. You must be willing to go against the social conscience to find your true conscience.
(See also The True Conscience, Constant Prayer, and character.)

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Lying Liberals

Discusses the dilemma of political associations in a world full of deceivers. (See also No More Masks, and Christian Politicians?)

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The American Dream

A poem by Robin and Dave on the World Trade Center disaster and America's vengeful, war-mongering response. (See also materialism.)

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A brief summary of our attitude toward America over the past quarter of a century.
(See also The Fall of America.)

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The Blood of the Lamb

This rather "churchy" cliché really has some radical significance behind it. Let it change you!
(See also The Forsake All Principle, Jesus the Revolutionary, The Revolution, and The Cross.)

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The Twelve Tribes

Could the 144,000 (twelve tribes) of the Revelation possibly refer to the actual tribes of Israel?
(See The Virgin Army.)

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Living in Community

Relates living in community to the formation of the Twelve Tribes of The Revelation. Believers need to be in humble submission to one another. Beware the tendency to resist sorting out differences.
(See also Why Communes Fail, Two Witnesses, Loose Cannons, and Singles or Doubles?)

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Two Witnesses, part 2

After stressing (in part 1) the need to have at least one other person to work with, Dave stresses (in this sequel) the importance of being willing to work with as few as one or two other people in order to have the authority and blessing of God on your ministry. The call is away from the multitudes and toward a life of apparent rejection and failure as the price we pay for obedience to Jesus.
(See also character, Two Witnesses, and Keep on Planting.)

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Conquering Delusion

Ever feel that others don't appreciate how great you really are? Mental patients may not be the only ones who have delusions about their own greatness; and what it takes for them may be what we all need, i.e. more concentration on just getting the job done and being faithful servants.
(See also insanity, Two Witnesses, and True Greatness.)

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Loose Cannons

Discipline of some sort (and co-operation with others) is necessary for effective growth. Freedom and independence should not be used as excuses for not submitting to the Spirit of God working through others besides ourselves.
(See also Living in Community, accountability, and Divine Authority.)

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The Virgin Army, part 2

Dave elaborates on the spiritual nature of the term virgin in Revelation 14:4, and in particular, its connection with being redeemed. He considers other apparent contradictions, such as the concept of whether or not marriage constitutes "defilement".
(See also The Spirit of Eve, The Jezebel Spirit, The Twelve Tribes, and The Virgin Army.)

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The Virgin Army, part 3

Dave gets serious about the need for every member of our community to at least support the Virgin Army message in principle, even if we do not all follow it perfectly in practice. He says again that marriage is not forbidden; but that it will not be allowed to get in the way of the job that we have to do. This is one of our "crunchiest" articles. It relates primarily to members, and not to non-members.
(See also The Spirit of Eve, The Jezebel Spirit, and The Virgin Army.)

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Keeping the 144k Vision

The biggest hindrance to the 144K vision is just thinking that it is saying something that it is not saying. To keep the vision, we need to rehearse it from time to time.
(See also The Virgin Army, The Virgin Army, part 2, and The Virgin Army, part 3.)

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The Jezebel Spirit

A short essay on the sexist error of blaming women because men are so easily led astray. The problem is as much a male problem as a female problem.
(See also Men's Liberation, The Cuddlies, and The Spirit of Eve.)

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Men's Liberation

Men have a responsibility to stay true to Christ even if their wives do not. (See also The Jezebel Spirit, and The Battle of the Sexes.)

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Why Are You Single?

Just being single does not make a person a member of the Virgin Army. You must also be dedicated, loving, and full of faith. This is a powerful challenge to single members to live up to the high calling that they have in Christ Jesus.
(See also Chess and Leadership.)

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The Trouble with Trouble

A look at marriage, flirting, and the Virgin Army vision switches to a discussion of grievances, and sin in general. We all tend to feel that those who criticise us are exaggerating the problem. And that's the trouble with trouble: It doesn't start out looking bad at all.
(See also The Cuddlies, self-righteousness, backsliding, and The Spirit of Eve.)

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Sex Sense

This early article on sex lays the groundwork for later articles on such subjects as masturbation and birth control. It calls for a middle ground between prudery and promiscuity.
(See also Birth Control, and Wanking, The Last Taboo.)

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Confessions of a Religious Nerd

A plea for open, frank discussion of issues relating to sex amongst Christians, so that we do not have to feel like the non-Christians are having all the fun.
(See also Sex Sense, balance, and Wanking, The Last Taboo.)

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Obsessions with rules that we have made for ourselves can rob us of the strength we need to obey the rules that God has really given us to follow.
(See also Heavy Burdens and Difficult Yokes,Living by Faith and Finances, part 2, and Wanking, The Last Taboo.)

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Moral Development in the Area of Sex

A study of changes in sexual emphasis throughout history. Aims to locate areas of sexual morality which are universal and timeless, and areas which may have changed over time.
(See Birth Control, Sex Sense, Coming Out of the Closet, The Virgin Army, and Wanking, The Last Taboo.)

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Coming Out of the Closet

Our position with regard to homosexuality. Could offend homosexuals and homophobes both. But offers hope too.
(See also Wanking, The Last Taboo, Moral Development in the Area of Sex, The Spirit of Eve, No Effeminate Person, and The Virgin Army.)

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Holy Hugs

We need to hug others... regularly. While some fear that such contact could lead to sexual immorality, we think it could be the greatest deterrent to immorality.
(See also Sex Sense.)

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Love - key verses

Key verses from the Bible that show what real love is all about.

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The Battle of the Sexes

"Women sharing leadership with men is not the same as women trying to overthrow men." This article looks at the strong points as well as the weak points in the women's liberation message. It concludes by saying, "Perhaps it is time for the sexes to stop battling and to start working together in submission to one another."
(See also The Spirit of Eve, Men's Liberation, The Spirit of God, No Effeminate Person, and Singles or Doubles?)

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Contrary to popular opinion, jealousy is a virtue. Husbands need not feel guilty about being jealous; it can save your marriage. This article warns against groups that set out to turn wives against their husbands.
(See also Singles or Doubles?, and Men's Liberation.)

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Birth Control

An important study in understanding our teaching about the Virgin Army. A link is drawn between biblical advice about marriage and its relevance to having children. The conclusion is that it is better not to have children, although not everyone will be able to accept such a discipline.
(See also The Virgin Army, Moral Development in the Area of Sex.)

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Embarrassing Eschatology

Challenges the tendency amongst academics to assume that all talk about Jesus returning and the 'end of the world' is inconsistent with practical faith and love. It includes comments on evolution and other theories about ultimate reality. 

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And Now for the Bad News

A depressing look at world events as they relate to Bible prophecy. Torture and illegal imprisonment, cynicism about live organ donors, and indifference to global warming are all seen as signs of the spiritually bankrupt times in which we live.

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