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Feeling frustrated? Bored? Stressed 0ut? Insignificant? Overworked? Disillusioned? Humiliated? Or condemned? Articles below can help to turn your failures and trials into successes, improve relationships, encourage growth, lead to greater mental health, and give hope, purpose, enthusiasm, faith, and a bigger vision. Try a few and see if they don't put you back into God's picture.

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The Revolution

A Bible study on the dangers (and potential) of both blessings and trials. Ups and downs are the stuff from which progress evolves... or revolves, as illustrated here.
(See also Burnout?[10] and Oh, for a Really Good Day!)

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Why Did My Father Die?

A brief answer to the question so many ask when they experience pain or suffering. It may shock some of you.
(See also No Pain, No Gain, Hard Decisions[10], and God's No Fool.)

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Pictures that Bring Perspective

This article describes three simple mental images which can help us to get our religious disagreements, personal trials, and need for obedience to God into perspective.
(See also Divine Love[10], Let Go and Let God Do It![10], and The Cross[10].)

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When the glamour fades, only the faithful remain. If we keep our eyes on an eternal goal, the routine takes on new meaning. We'll see our place in God's bigger plan.
(See also boredom[10], and Those Other Apostles.)

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Willing To Be Made Willing?

Willpower is important; but it lets us down at the worst times. God wants our will, but we need his mercy too, because willpower is not enough to keep us going when things get tough.
(See also Lest You Fall[10].)

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Fear Not!

Our fear of doing the wrong thing may strangle the voice of God's Spirit, and make us useless to God. Trying too hard to stay "on the rails" may be what bumps so many of us off. We may need to drop our rules and start all over... like little children.
(See also know-it-alls[10], Lest You Fall[10], Fear of the Devil[10], and Honest Doubts[10].)

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Pride Smashing

Deliverance from pride is not evolutionary. It is revolutionary... and spiritually "violent", or it is a farce. If we are not consciously dealing with our pride (i.e. smashing it), we are defending it.
(See also pride[10], self-righteousness[10], and Advice for Counsellors[10].)

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Heavy Burdens and Difficult Yokes

(In Easy English) We miss the blessings that God has for us when we add our rules to his rules. We must drop our rules in order to have the strength left to obey God's rules.
(See also Smile, God Loves You!, Amazing Grace, and Having a Great Time; Wish You Were Here!)

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Do you have trouble understanding or getting along with your father? It could be a reflection of your relationship with your heavenly Father. Good "Father's Day" reading!
(See also Adam's Sin[10], The Spirit of Eve[10], and The Cuddlies.)

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The Great Escape

An account of one of our most miraculous experiences, as God intervened to save several of us from being stoned to death while working in India. We don't generally believe in publicising miracles, but this one, like the walk across the Nullarbor needed to be recorded for posterity.
(See also Walk Of Faith, and Eight Ways to Know God's Will.)

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Conviction vs Condemnation

Conviction includes a constructive plan for change; and condemnation does not. We are neither as bad nor as good as the devil tries to tell us we are. And almost no one ever tries to be bad; it just happens. These are a few of the words of wisdom in this little article.
(See also resolutions[10], and change.)

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This article by Cherry explains how it is in our own best interests to forgive others and even to forgive circumstances.
(See also bitterness, and From Bitter to Better[10].)

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Buying Time

Time is life; so 'killing time' is just slow suicide. Learn to invest every moment in things that count for eternity. This study, originally called Redeeming the Time, is written in Easy English.
(See also time, Measure it, and Lombardi Finds a Job.)

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