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Jesus and Money

The fundamentals of our faith are to be found in the fifty articles contained on this page. They start with several articles about the Jesus whom we serve, lead to articles about money in general and living by faith in particular, and finish with some "disciples only" material discussing God's love for the poor, and how one manages finances while living our unusual lifestyle.

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An excellent overview of a number of issues, linking Jesus, Solomon, and Bible prophecy through the theme of a search for supernatural wisdom.
(See also The Mark of the Beast, Learning to See, and Living by Faith.)

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We Believe in Jesus Christ

What is a Christian? And why do we call ourselves Jesus Christians? A simple statement of belief in Jesus Christ has powerful implications.
(See also A Change of Name, Which Christ are You Following? part 4[10] Judgment Day[10], So Who Are they Following?[10], The Word of God, and What is a Christian?)

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What is a Christian?

Are Christians respectable, popular, socially acceptable good guys? Or are they radical, dangerous, exclusive deviants? Read this one for a few surprises.
(See also Thou Shalt Judge, Cannibals for Christ[10], False Christs[10], and The Social Conscience, part 2[10].)

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What is Faith?

Real faith is so simple that most people stumble over it in their quest for something complex and ritualistic. Real faith changes people; but real faith in Jesus is almost non-existent today.
(See also The Top Forty.)

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Faith in Whom?

Dave wrote this while in prison, in March, 2001. He shared it with his cell mates, who were full of religious cliches, but short on real faith. The only kind of faith that can save people, is faith in Jesus. Don't fall for some pious sounding, but lesser object of faith. An excellent "salvation" tract.
(See also False Christs[10], and So Who ARE They Following?)

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Dave identifies half a dozen false Jesuses in response to the "WWJD?" ("What would Jesus do?") question now being asked of many church young people. He notes the good points in some of these "false Jesuses", but challenges their worth in solving eternal problems.
(See also So, Who ARE They Following?, and Which Christ are You Following? part 4)

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Accept Jesus!

Some like the teachings, but not the Man. Others like the Man but not the teachings. Unless we accept both - the man and the teachings - we are hypocrites.
(See also Belly Dancers.)

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A Change of Name

For many years we just called ourselves Christians. But because our Christ was being confused with the false christs, we decided to be more specific.
(See also Which Christ are You Following? part 4[10] and What is a Christian?)

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Solid as a Rock

This is a boast in the face of cult-busters, that the criticisms they make of us personally have not even begun to scratch the surface of our impenetrable position with regard to the teachings of Jesus. As Jesus himself promised us, if we build on his teachings, the storms of persecution will not shake our foundation.
(See also We Believe in Jesus Christ.)

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A Personal Relationship with Christ

A personal relationship with Christ is vital for each of us; but too often the phrase is a shallow cliche, used by people who rarely ever sit at his feet and listen to what he has to say.
(See also So Who ARE They Following? and The Martha Syndrome[10].)

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A Unique Teaching

From the Just Do It tract. No other religion promises material provision to any who will spend their lives working for God and love. Jesus takes religion out of the realm of theory and into practical reality. This teaching led to his death, and will feature in future world events.
(See also wisdom, Why Did They Kill Jesus? and Living by Faith.)

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Jesus and the Law

Is there a difference between the way we should view the rules that Jesus gave, and the way we should view the rules Moses gave? Do the rules set out by Jesus contradict God's grace? Or are they, like the laws of Moses, 'holy'?
(See also The Top Forty, Giving to Those Who Ask[R], and So Who ARE They Following?)

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Why Did They Kill Jesus?

The system has nothing to equal sacrificial love, and so jealousy will drive it to do horrendous things to stop those who have such love. It happened to Jesus, and it will happen to us if we are faithful.
(See also Peace that Disturbs[10], The Cross[10], Jesus the Revolutionary[10], The Blood of the Lamb[10], and Prophets, Martyrs and Saints.)

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How to be Saved

Our shortest article. Tells how Jesus answered the title question.
(See also The Good Hindu, and Solid as a Rock.)

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Our Mission

We Jesus Christians have a special calling to point the world back to the teachings of Jesus. It is tempting to get sidetracked onto lesser goals which naturally spring out of our service to Jesus. But we must be constantly reminded to return to the basics.
(See also Solid as a Rock, and The Top Forty.)

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God or Money

This Bible study was prepared for distribution outside a youth meeting in Sydney, which had the same theme (i.e. God and Money). Here is a brief, but comprehensive overview of what the Bible teaches about money.
(See also i-dollar-tree[10], and The Root of All Evil.)

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The Root of All Evil

This is an abridged version of one of our most popular tracts (A New Economic Policy). Basically, it says that greed is destroying the world, and we need a new motivation to reverse the trend.
(See also wisdom, and Surely Not ALL Evils!)

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Surely, Not All Evils!

We consider the possibility that translators erred in saying that greed is the root cause of all evil. Then we examine the teachings of Jesus on the subject, and even relate greed to prophecies about the personification of evil.
(See also The Root of All Evil, Don't Take the Mark[10], and A Unique Teaching.)

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The Forsake All Principle

If you learn this principle, you can usually diagnose your own spiritual problems. Just locate what it is that you are hanging onto so tightly, and let go of it.
(See also Let Go and Let God Do It![10], and Fanatical Sacrifice[10].)

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Pawning Your Inheritance

Esau sold his birthright for a bowl of soup. We've seen people forfeit their part in the kingdom of heaven for even less. Like Esau, they think only of their immediate needs; and lose sight of the eternal.
(See also Pictures that Bring Perspective, True Greatness[10], Aim for the Sky[10], and eternity.)

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The Tentmaking Myth

An obscure verse in the book of Acts may be more widely known than John 3:16. Though it is rarely taught publicly, it is preached privately in every denomination and sect that we know of.
(See also Advanced Tentmaking[10], and Which Christ are You Following? part 4[10])

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Let's Get Radical!

It's a myth that we need money first before we can change the world. Such an attitude amounts to failure before you even begin.

(See also Fear of Poverty, The Greed Tree[10], and Jesus the Revolutionary[10].)

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Having a Great Time: Wish you were Here!

Ever wonder what it is like living in a Christian community like ours, where there is no private ownership, we have to co-operate with everyone else in all of our plans and activities, and where we all live each day by faith, in obedience to god? It may be more fun than you imagine.
(See also The Cure for Cancer, and Smile, God Loves You!)

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Friend or Foe?

What Jesus taught represented a threat to the status quo of his day... but only because they had lost sight of God and Truth and Love. They had become defensive of their institutions and their own sinfulness. Can you hear the truth, without reacting in hate and fear?
(See also Peace that Disturbs[10], and Why Did They Kill Jesus?)

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Fear of Poverty

You will stay economic slaves as long as you think you cannot live without money. What we cannot live without is God. Trust him and you can thumb your nose at poverty.
(See A New Economic Policy, and The Greed Tree[10].)

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