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Some of our longer and deeper studies appear on this page. Several are based on experiences within our own community. They include articles on spiritual maturity, and specific issues relating to leaders and leadership.

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The Pizza Parable

A humorous illustration of the danger in assuming you have all the answers when you have only begun to learn all that God wants to teach you.
(See also So You Want to Start Your Own Ministry?[10] and Convenient Doctrines.)

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The Scout

Good leaders must consider many different options before settling on the best.
(See also The Role of Experience in the Quest for Truth[10].)

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Self Starters

We need to move from robot-like faithfulness in one small area of responsibility to taking more initiative in other areas. Includes comments about the need for a job list, and the need to plan time away from responsibility.
(See also Job Lists, Budgets, etc., and empowerment[10].)

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Seven verses from the Proverbs illustrate various aspects of laziness. Includes tips on how to overcome the problem.
(See also Buying Back Time, Self Starters, Burying Your Talents[10], and "Conscience" Issues[10].)

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Chess and Leadership

A comparison between running, playing chess, and facing the challenges and responsibilities of being a leader. We can hide from these challenges, or we can thrill at the adventure, especially as we see our abilities improving.
(See also Media Interviews[10], When Relations Break Down[10], and Having a Great Time: Wish you were Here!, Having a Great Time: Wish you were Here!)

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Power - Good or Evil?

What is the difference between power, and power abuse? What is a cult? And how can we avoid power abuse?
(See also Abuse of Power, and Leaders who Serve[10].)

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Bearing Burdens

Sometimes even in a Christian community it becomes necessary for the good of members to make them carry their own weight. A good leader must be prepared to "carry" the followers, but we must also be willing to push followers into fending for themselves.
(See also self-starters, criticism, and Something to Say[10].)

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Mark Those Who Cause Division

To forgive is divine. To forget is stupid. If people have a record of causing division, they should be "marked". Even their "good words and fair speeches" must be examined with some suspicion. They may not necessarily be hopeless cases, but they do need to repent and to get back into a spirit of humble co-operation. Until they do, they must be handled with care.
(See also Reject Us, Reject God[10], and Divine Authority[10].)

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Why do we need leaders? What is the spiritual difference between a leader and a follower? Why do people join organisations to begin with? Is it wrong for leaders to discipline followers? Are authoritarian leaders unloving leaders? And do you need to have a title before you can act as a leader? The answers are here.
(See also Confessions of a Manipulator[10], Reality in Utopia[10], and character.)

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Becoming Adults

A letter addressed to community members who rely too heavily on correction from others to keep them on the rails. Five-star stuff for Jesus Christians, but not so relevant for others.
(See also self-starters, Personal Responsibility[10], The Social Conscience, part 2[10], Job Lists, Budgets, and Schedules, and Conviction vs Condemnation.)

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Doing Things to God's Glory

Robin reminds us that we are only building God's kingdom as we genuinely seek to bring glory to God. When we get it right, enthusiasm will surround everything that we do.
(See also Aim for the Sky[10], boredom[10], Faithfulness, and Positive Thinking.)

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In Spirit and in Truth

Is it enough to have the truth? For a prophet or teacher, maybe. But a true shepherd (or pastor) must also grasp the Spirit behind the truth. And that "Spirit" may even choose to overlook technical offences against the truth. Could this be the missing key to spiritual growth?
(See also Pastors and Teachers[10], and The Five-Fingered Ministry[10].)

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Hurtless Criticism

Be sure that someone is listening before you criticise, and be sure that you are seeking the best interests of the one you criticise, rather than just trying to punish them. When we are being helpful, they may want to listen. (See also patience, Free Will[10], and criticism.)

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