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Live organ donations, household tips, Harry Potter, and dealing with the Press. What do they have in common? Nothing... except that articles on all of them (and a lot more) are on this page. These are the ones that did not fit into the other ten books that we have printed up on various topics. If you like variety, you've come to the right place.

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The Xmas Spirit

This parody on Jesus' rebuke of the Pharisees targets the merchants and advertisers who have desecrated the name of Jesus with their greedy Christmas promotions.
(See also The The Christmas Dilemma [10].)

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The Donor

This imaginary dialogue between Jesus and a would-be supporter gives some humorous insights into how donations are often used to turn the heads of those who seek to live by faith. Don't let it happen to you.
(See also The Cross [10], and self-righteousness [10].)

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How Do You Get Your Money?

Our critics argue that no matter where our money comes from, it does not come from God. They insist on knowing the details, so they can "disprove God" by giving society, Caesar, or the government mint credit for our material support. We disagree.
(See also Living by Faith-How to do It.)

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Take up the Press and Follow Me

The mass media represent great possibilities for preaching the gospel; but they can also crucify us. Ultimately, however, even the persecution will, like the cross, get the message to the masses.
(See also Media Interviews [10], and Cannibals for Christ [10].)

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Alternative Medicine

This letter to a Catholic nun, challenges the current concept of "natural" amongst people who promote alternative medicine. It also questions the honesty of alternative healers who do not follow the same strict guidelines that are required for Western scientific research.
(See also Heal the Sick.)

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Cupid's Arrows

Fran describes a vision he had which reminded him that criticism from those who love us is actually an expression of love. Very good reading!
(See also Unconditional Love?, criticism, and disagreements.)

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