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Recent Articles

Here are articles which have come out since the study books were produced, in April 2003. They are arranged under the same categories that we have used for our older studies.

  • Recent Jesus & Money Articles
    More articles expounding on the fundamental teachings of Jesus, particularly with regard to money.
  • Recent Churches & Theology Articles
    These newer articles dealing with churches and theology provide plenty of food for thought and explore the difference between the Kingdom of Heaven that Jesus preached about and the counterfeit religious system.
  • Recent Deep Thoughts Articles
    These articles encourage us to develop more self-examination and personal growth, and often help us see things from a different perspective.
  • Recent Endtime & Sex Articles
    These articles expand the topic of Bible prophecy and its relevance to the current times.  Some articles also cover topics related to sex.
  • Recent Inspirationals Articles
    There is a lot to be thankful for and many things we can focus our attention on to help us grow closer to God and overcome the pressures and temptations a godless society throws at us.  These articles give some inspiring thoughts along those lines.
  • Recent Leadership Articles
    Being a Christian leader is not an easy task.  These articles can help deepen our understanding and consider issues we may have overlooked.
  • Recent Leftovers Articles
    In this section we explore a wide variety of subjects that did not fit well in the other categories.
  • Recent Quaker Similarities Articles
    These articles provide further insight on Quaker and Jesus Christian principles.
  • Recent Strong Meat Articles
    Some of our hardest teachings can be found here.  Tread carefully.
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