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Recent Deep Thoughts Articles

These articles encourage us to develop more self-examination and personal growth, and often help us see things from a different perspective.

Hidden in Plain Sight

Simon discusses the paradox about how many very basic spiritual truths escape the comprehension of the masses because we just don't have the eyes to see them.

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The Tolerance Myth Part 2

This article expands on earlier comments about tolerance. It shows how, in the name of tolerance, an ideology can be developed which effectively silences all dissent.

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Almost two years after the Jesus Christians "disbanded", Dave reflects on how things have progressed.

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A Calling

Are you following God, or following an organisation?  Without a conviction that God has called you personally to do something, it will always be easy to blame others if things do not work out as you had planned.

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The "Impossible" Ethic

Are the teachings of Jesus impossible, or just improbable, given that they are almost always going to lead to serious problems in our efforts to be accepted by others?  We may, none of us, ever actually obey some of the things that he said; but it's not really because they are impossible.  It's because we find them too extreme or too challenging.

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More of a mellowing message comes through in this call for us to appreciate both sides (Liberal and conservative) on a wide range of Christian and secular teachings.  Strengths and weaknesses of both are discussed in an attempt to achieve the right balance.

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Judging Ourselves

A clear conscience is seen as not only superior to anything one can achieve by following a group, but as a sure-fire way to get yourself kicked out of many groups 

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29 February, 2004

Hypocrisy is contrasted with Sincerity, and we are warned about where a lack of sincerity will ultimately lead us.

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Good Guys Don't Build Monuments

Jesus claimed that the people who build monuments to the prophets of the past are exactly the kind of people who would kill the prophets of the present.  Dave examines and explains this surprising paradox.

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