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Recent Endtime & Sex Articles

These articles expand the topic of Bible prophecy and its relevance to the current times.  Some articles also cover topics related to sex.

Stoning Prophets

A radical look at an Old Testament injunction to stone any prophet whose prophecy does not come to pass, suggesting that it may even be an "un-Christian" teaching.  Definitely something to think about.


The Hollywood Scam

A powerful reflection on how the general public has been suckered into allowing material to be acted out in their presence which they would never tolerate away from the silver screen.


Tribulation Vision

Practical tips on how to prepare now for the coming Great Tribulation.


Predestination and the Twelve Tribes

The issue of what role flesh Jews have in Bible prophecy gets a radical new look in this hypothetical consideration.


Politics and the Apocalypse

This article challenges us to do what is right for the environment, whether or not we will ever succeed as a race, and he provides strong support for his challenge from The Revelation itself.


The Intuition Myth

Is intuition a skill? And do women have more of it than men? The myth-busting in this article could open the doors to greater success in decision-making.


Love vs Lust

"Sexual pleasure is probably the singles greatest obstacle to true love." This challenges the myth that one can fall into and out of love. If it doesn't work "for better or for worse" it is quite likely that it never was love... just a passing phase... called more correctly, lust.


The Spirit Of Prophecy

This is a Bible study, and you need to look up and read the passages to fully appreciate it. But if you want the key to understanding all prophecy, this is a must. A great summary of the fundamentals underlying all true prophecy.


God's Kingdom

If you never read anything else about The Revelation, read this article.  It sums up the powerful link that exists between the gospels and The Revelation, and gets to the core of what the final book of the Bible is really all about.


Fantasies and Freedom

Dave struggles to walk the thin line between promiscuity and prushishness with regard to the fantasies that everyone has with regard to sex.  Are there times when fantasies are okay?  And if so, how do we distinguish them from times when fantasies are not okay?


The Flood of Lies

A verse from Revelation 12 is discussed in the light of extreme lies being told about ourselves. Several theories as to how these lies will be "swallowed up" are given.


Seeing the Kingdom

17 May, 2004
Nicodemus and the kingdom of Israel are contrasted with Jesus and the kingdom of heaven, to show that the religious world today is more like Nicodemus than like Jesus, and that the entire world needs to discover the kingdom that Jesus spoke of.
(This article was written more than ten years ago, but somehow got lost from the web site. I am returning it now. There is a reference to the present leader of the U.S. at the time, who was George W. Bush.)


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