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Recent Jesus & Money Articles

More articles expounding on the fundamental teachings of Jesus, particularly with regard to money.

Christians First, Greens Second

Cherry covers some of the subtle differences between a political platform based on environmental/freegan issues and the position we take as Christians with similar concerns.

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Bring on the Recession!

Dave challenges the mythical "world economic crisis".

Read more: Bring on the Recession!

Christmas and the Pay-Back Mentality

Christine takes a cynical look at what is going on in the minds of so many people when they are doing their Christmas shopping.

Read more: Christmas and the Pay-Back Mentality

Making Money from the Gospel

Ross discusses the dilemma that Christians are put in if they take the teachings of Jesus, where it is even difficult to get donations for charitable work, because the work must be kept secret.

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How Much is $700 Billion Dollars?

  Rob takes a brief look at the amount of money that George W. Bush recommended giving to the banks in the U.S. to overcome the "economic crisis" and considers just how much it is costing the entire world's population to fund that little act of charity.

Read more: How Much is $700 Billion Dollars?

Freeganism and Our Message

This article ties together freeganism and Bible prophecy, using the teachings of Jesus as the link between the two.

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Is It Really Dangerous?

A follow-up to "The Most Dangerous Verse in the Bible", in which "Graduate A" challenges the points raised in the article below.

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The Most Dangerous Verse in the Bible

You will notice that there are no stars on this article. The article is interesting, well written, and relevant to anyone who has ever asked for something in prayer and not received it. However, it does not provide an answer... just a warning. Still, there is a lot of good food for thought if you have ever wrestled with unanswered prayers. (Oh, and if you read it, do take time to read the one that follows: "Is It Really Dangerous?")

Read more: The Most Dangerous Verse in the Bible

It Doesn't Get Much Better than This!

This could just as easily be included under the Inspirational heading. It focuses on the wonderful blessing of contentment, and how it is the key to an abundant, full, and happy life... true prosperity, in contrast to the miserable existence of always looking for something better.

Read more: It Doesn't Get Much Better than This!

Our Daily Bread

2 July, 2004

This line from The Lord’s Prayer is examined in the light of the wealth that most of us have experienced as part of the developed world. Do we really need to pray for “daily” bread at all, when the poorest in our midst are the ones most suffering from obesity?

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You Cannot Serve Three Masters

In the tug of war between God and Money, the role of other people (especially family and friends) often becomes the focus when shifting from one master to the other, whether it really is the motivation or not.

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