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Recent Leadership Articles

Being a Christian leader is not an easy task.  These articles can help deepen our understanding and consider issues we may have overlooked.

The Value of Why

When tensions arise between you and the people you are trying to work with, one simple question could alter the entire perspective.

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All Power Corrupts

More reflections on how abuse of power is a concern for everyone, whether they are seen as leaders or not.

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Head Coverings

What seems like a minor doctrinal point is developed into a powerful spiritual truth about the relationship between human organisations and the invisible kingdom of heaven.

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The problem of replacing a worldly system with a Jesus Christian system is discussed in this article on the need for private prayer to keep us on track.

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Are You Willing to...?

This study uses Jesus Christian organ donations as an illustration of something that distinguishes us as a group, which is our willingness to question our own motives in relation to virtually anything we do, in order to find the will of God.

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An Apology

Dave apologises for the many times when he has failed as a leader.

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Beware the Velvet Gloves

Who are the real manipulators? Clumsy, untrained leaders of small new religious movements, or the experts, who have been schooled in the art by the world's best manipulators?

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As followers become more and more adult, you are able to move away from thoughts of punishment and into a focus on consequences as a way of relating to them as equals. This approach to leadership puts the onus on followers to make their own choices in their own best interests. Some helpful tips on how to inspire followers.

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Taking the Lower Seat

November, 2014  by “Bob”
“Bob” shows how taking the lower seat can affect every area of our lives, and become a trademark of a true servant of God.

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Counsel, Counsel, Counsel

Making wise decisions requires the ability to listen to opposing points of view (or imagine them if there is no one handy to express them). But how often do we do it?

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Learning To Study

Further thoughts on our need to think issues through (and counsel) when making decisions, if we are going to be effective in what we do.

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Learning by Example

A closer look at one aspect of "common sense" reveals that one's ability to apply lessons in a way that relates to the practical needs of their own lives is an important ingredient in spiritual success. However, it is also quite rare.

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Reasoning Together

Even God himself takes the time to listen when trying to say something that we are not hearing.  It would pay for us to do the same when we find ourselves getting upset that people don’t seem to be hearing us.
(The following article was written sometime before April, 2004, but somehow slipped through the cracks when the web site was revamped.  For what it's worth, we are re-publishing it now.)

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