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Recent Leftovers Articles

In this section we explore a wide variety of subjects that did not fit well in the other categories.

Idiot Savants

Idiot Savants.  Observations about so-called mental stimulation which is little more than mental inactivity, dealing with worldwide obsessions with video games.

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The Conspiracy Against Organ Donation

A good summary of the case for live non-directed organ donation, as well as a careful analysis of the reasons people are so critical of those who do donate.  Further proof of the cynical saying that "No good deed goes unpunished."

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The Day the Earth Stood Still

A film review which praises the movie's ability to combine love and discipline in the same characters. It includes reference to the need for serious lifestyle changes to save the planet.

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Four Areas of Christian Discipline

Joe builds on an earlier article by Cherry on the well rounded Christian life.

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Fame, is it good or bad?  Dave points out that it all depends on your motives.  God can use fame to get the message out, but once you start trying to promote yourself, then you're in trouble.

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How can you tell when you are heading for a breakdown?  Dave gives some practical advice and personal insight into what it takes to stay on the rails.

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Why Distribute Literature?

Some good arguments are given for not distributing literature. And then they are looked at more closely to reveal a possible deeper problem

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