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Recent Strong Meat Articles

Some of our hardest teachings can be found here.  Tread carefully.

When Silence is Not Golden

Alf writes, in particular, about opposition which came as a result of Jesus Christians appearing on the Jeremy Kyle Show in the U.K., and defends our right to defend ourselves against the lies being promoted against us.  This was written just a couple of weeks before the Jesus Christians disbanded, to escape the persecution that was being hurled at us.

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The Reason

Why are we persecuted?  This article goes behind all the lies to the root cause of it all, and predicts that the persecution will get worse before it gets better.  An absolute must-read if you are going to take the time to listen to the lies.

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Let Your Light Shine, Part 2

This one follows on from Part 1, written by Cherry.  It was written on Christmas Eve, 2006, and relates to persecution which led to Reinhard almost being killed, and how we can actually rejoice when we are persecuted.

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The Bohemian Fantasy

This one draws a very clear line between idyllic fantasies and the discipline and hard work that we have found to be part of the kingdom of God. It lists three important points to building the utopia that Jesus preached, and shows how the third one in particular trips up all those idealists who are living in a dreamworld.

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When Followers Rebel (or Sheila and Me)

Dave draws a comparison between himself and Joe's mother in an attempt to find strategies which would work equally for both when confronted with someone who strongly disagrees with us.

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What's the Difference?

Everybody follows certain rules and disciplines, so what is it that makes Christian rules and disciplines different from those of the rest of the world?

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Perfect Peace

A serious look at sanity, and how one manages to maintain it in a world of turmoil.

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Evil: Good or Bad?

Casey takes a radically different look at evil, at Jesus' teaching about not resisting evil, and at how evil can bring about good in those of us who stop running away from it and the discomfort that it can cause to ourselves.

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In Defence of Paedophiles

Cherry says some shocking things in this one, both defending paedophiles and suggesting an extreme remedy at the same time. But read it first before you pass judgment. She is calling for changes in both areas which are urgently needed and long overdue.

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The Great Whipping Hoax

The mock trial in Long Beach represented a turning point in our history as a community, not because there was a significant change in our beliefs, but because people who hated our beliefs falsely believed they had caught us in a heresy at last... and discovered too late that they did not have a case.

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Setting Up Your Own Community

A check list of things individual bases need to consider with regard to personal growth. This article marked a turning point in our community, as each base was given financial and spiritual independence. It gives a good insight into our various disciplines.

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Are You Living Under the Law?

7 January, 2007 (by Ross)
Sadly, this article was written by Ross, who himself is now backslidden and extremely bitter.  Nevertheless, it serves as a reminder to the rest of us that we can have the theory, but unless we practice it, we too could end up just as bitter and just as lost one day.

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This is a close examination of the causes behind the tensions and confusion that often arise when someone is being questioned about performance. It is a powerful study in understanding human relations.

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Of Microscopes and "Honest To Whom"

Some 'dirty linen' in this one, as Dave gets personal and names names with regard to some dishonest deeds that have occurred in the past within the Jesus Christians.

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False Prophets and Flattery

Speaking the truth in love. Do we have the courage to do it?

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Non-violence or Non-hate?

A brief account of the two whipping trials held in 2006, and the reasoning behind them.  This article particularly focuses on misconceptions people have about violence.

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Mellowing Out

This kind of summarises some shifts in emphasis that Dave has noted as he grows older, especially with regard to some passages of scripture that don’t seem to jive with how most people have experienced God’s power since the days when the Bible was written.
[See also Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth.]

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'Exaggerations' of Jesus

Four incredible claims by Jesus are examined here, to see if there is a link between them.  Was Jesus seriously intending us to take him literally when he taught them?  Find out for yourself.

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You're Never Gonna Believe This!

It takes a miracle for anyone to receive God's ultimate Truth, and short of that, people are all going to reject it.  This is explained more in detail in this article.

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