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We've got a lot to say, but very little time in which to say it.
You're in a hurry.

And you have other things to do. So listen up, and we'll get through it quickly.

FACT #1 You are going to die.

Maybe not today... or tomorrow. But sooner or later, you are going to die. And when you do die, what good will be all that you are doing now?

Whatever you do with your life, you must take this No. 1 Reality into consideration.

FACT #2  No one has all the answers.

 Bible-bashers who insist that they have a tidy little formula for giving you eternal life are not very convincing.  So forget all that, and take a fresh look at the whole dilemma of our limited existence.


For every watch, there must be a watchmaker.
And life as we know it must have come from some incredible Intelligence and some incredible Power.


We will call this first Cause the Creator.

FACT #4 There must be a reason.

Watches are made to keep time. So why were we humans made?  We are the only creation that can think ahead to our own deaths. (Remember Fact No. 1?)

And we're the only creation that can think about the existence of our Creator.
Why is this?


FACT #5  There is a plan.


There is disagreement about the specifics, but all who have thought deeply about the reason for our existence, from theologians to song writers, agree that the Creator must have made us to love him and to love others.

FACT #6  Someone has lost the plot.

Whatever the original plan was, everyone seems to have lost it. They have made a business of religion, and the whole world has lost faith.

FACT #7  The Way Out won't be easy.

The 'experts' offer meditation tapes and simple salvation prayers, all guaranteed to save your soul with minimal inconvenience to yourself.  Forget it! They do it because it sells... not because it works. The truth is that real love will cost you everything.

FACT #8 The Creator isn't stupid.

We've been put here as a test... to see if we will do what is right even when it's difficult.  Real love is not sex, nor is it religious ecstacy. Real love is represented by a cross... suffering... sacrifice... death.

FACT #9 Not everyone wins the lottery.

The Creator only offers eternal life in exchange for the life you have now.
It's "free", but letting go of what you have now is his test to see if you have faith.
Think about it.  Would you give it all up for immortality?

FACT #10 You are going to die.

OK, so we said it before. But if you don't keep going back to it, you'll never get things into perspective. What you cling to now (family, friends, wealth, reputation, job) these are all slowly slipping away.  But you can trade them all for eternal life.

FACT #11 The world is full of counterfeits.

Ask any religious teacher and you will almost certainly be told that God doesn't really expect you to give up everything to serve him and help others.  But they will be lying. You know it.  We know it.  And they know it.

FACT #12 The Creator can talk.

He has been speaking to you through this booklet, telling you to give it all up and spend your life serving Him.  You've heard him talking in your own heart too. 
And one day you will stand before him, and he will ask you to answer for how you responded to his voice today.

FACT #13 No one wins the lottery twice.

The Creator has spoken to you today; but he doesn't owe it to you to speak again. This may be your one and only chance for immortality. If you don't act now... you may have eternity to wish you had.  If you need help to decide how to respond, go back to Fact #1. 
It's stupid to hang onto what you can't keep when you could trade it for something you can't lose.

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