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If you are looking for something longer and more in-depth than comic books, and have read most of our articles, then you have come to the right place. Here is a collection of books by members of the Jesus Christians movement on a variety of topics from radical recycling to the Book of Revelation.


Easy English (EE)

The Jesus Christians have spent many years developing and promoting books, dictionaries and other resources to teach English as a Second Language in third world countries.  You can view and download some of these resources by clicking on the link above.

(262 pages)

This fast-moving supernatural thriller is our answer to the costly, interminable, and doctrinally flawed "Left Behind" series. It's all here in one volume. Not only is it easier to read, but deals with what is really taught in The Revelation.  

The author takes his cast of characters out of the comforts of middle class suburbia and thrusts them into a world where only those with true faith can survive... A world where military might and political power take on the humble servants of an all powerful God... A world that is not as far away as some of us might think. 

Don't expect any easy answers. But do expect to hear the shocking truth about what the future holds.

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The third book in the Endtime series.

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RTC front Cover
Radical Christian Truths

(36 pages)

This booklet, written from a Quaker perspective, is a comment on how Christianity takes the name of Jesus, and yet continues to operate by many of the values and standards of the world that crucified him. Its message, based on Quaker testimonies, is a challenge to the lukewarmness and double-mindedness of the entire church world. If you long for a change that will make a difference for eternity, then this is a good place to start.

(197 pages)
This is the story of Tolstoy's hunt for meaning in life, which almost ended in him killing himself, is told with powerful and moving honesty in A Confession, written from 1878-1879. Tolstoy turned to the writings of church experts, philosophers, and scientists but failed to find what he was looking for there. But he found answers that helped to fill his hunger in the lives of the poor workers on the farms of Russia. Tolstoy next turned to the Bible, especially the New Testament, and in the teachings of Jesus he believed that he found the answer to his questions. His clear thinking about the teachings of Jesus ended in him teaching people to stop following religion and start following Jesus for themselves. He was kicked out of the church in Russia for teaching this. His teachings in What I Believe, moved many people to change their lives. One of them was a young Indian lawyer named Mohandas Gandhi.
Walk of Faith Cover
Walk of Faith Back Cover
BinRaiders cov
Bin Raiders

(179 pages)

The bin raiders are real people. The incidents in this story are based on real experiences. Some of the details have been changed, and most of the names of the people are not their real names. But this book represents the most intimate glimpse ever given into the daily routine of an underground movement which has been described as both idealistic and dangerous, saintly and sinister, radical and revolting.

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(64 pages)

Do we really have freedom of speech in Australia? You might be surprised at how limited your freedom really is! This book discusses the many arrests and confrontations that Jesus Christian members have had with various governments and authorities over the years. It challenges the myth that the media is there to tell the truth. 

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Armageddon cover
Armageddon For Beginners

(203 pages)

A rational step by step analysis of the book of Revelation which deals with the complex issues of current technology, world politics and Bible predictions, in a simple, thorough and logical way. 

SCUD FrontCover

SCUD BackCover
mountains webcover
Mountains & Molehills

(50 pages)

A commentary on the Sermon on the Mount. Hard hitting, no punches pulled. Not for the faint-hearted.

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The Fall of America

Those who can see trouble ahead for the U.S. try to convince themselves that the country will be taken over peaceably, and its fall will only be an ideological one. But this is not the way the Bible describes it. 
While all the world is crying “Peace! Peace!” extremist elements in Moscow are being forced to plot a very violent end to America.

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Jeremiah's Lament

This is a loose paraphrase of the first twelve chapters of Jeremiah (with a few short omissions), in an effort to relate it to the United States in the 1990's.

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The Baby Books

A series of six well illustrated 36-page books on a wide range of Christian topics. They follow the theme of us all being God's babies. The same problems that we face as parents with our natural children, God faces with us as his children.

Just Do It!

A punchy tract about stopping all the religious talk and just getting out there and doing something practical!
MOM cover
A Mess of Myths!

For almost two thousand years True Christianity has been buried beneath an ever growing mountain of myths and deceptions brewed up by an apostate Church.  This meaty little booklet digs through that mess of myths to bring the teachings of Jesus to light!
Why the Left behind books Suck
Left Behind Commentaries

This series of articles on the 'Left Behind' series of books by Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye was the precursor to 'Survivors', a fully fledged counter-novel. These articles take an in-depth look at some of the subtle and not-so-subtle deceptions in the popular series. 

Hard Copies:

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