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Verse Cards:
  Memorise our selection of the most significant verses in the bible.

New Articles: New articles will appear here for a few months, and then go into the Recent Articles folder.

Recent Articles: Some files here and in the archives below are only available to registered members. If you wish to see any of those articles, please log in to the website, or register if you do not yet have an account. By registering, you will be able to earn points for your participation on our website, and have access to some articles which are not available to non-registered members. This is to encourage people to read the basic stuff first.

Archived Articles: These are the classic articles on which we founded the Jesus Christians.  They are organized into the following categories:
  • The Top Forty: Our most popular classic articles. 
  • Jesus & Money: The fundamentals of our faith can be found here.
  • Churches & Theology: Punchy stuff exposing the difference between religion and Christianity.
  • Deep Thoughts: Personal growth and a call to humility and sincerity.
  • Endtime & Sex: Two controversial subjects and the links between them.
  • Inspirationals: When the going gets tough, we need to stay focused on what's important.
  • Leadership: We should all be maturing and helping others mature spiritually.
  • Leftovers: A bit of this and a bit of that.
  • Quaker Similarities: Prayer, politics and more from Quaker and Jesus Christian perspectives.
  • Strong Meat: Everyone needs a hard word at times, but not everyone can handle one.

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