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The articles on this page are virtually all five-star articles. In fact, it is how they were selected for this page. These are the most popular articles on our website, and most of them are available to the general public too. Read and enjoy!

Voted the number one article on our website, this Easy English study outlines the fundamental differences between Christianity and all other religions, and between the Old Testament and the New Testament.

 A brief look at religion from God's perspective. Very punchy!
(See also We Believe in Jesus Christ, and Convenient Doctrines.)

False teachings are popular because they say what we want to hear. It's easy to convince ourselves that we have found enlightenment, when all we've done is to replace an uncomfortable truth with a more convenient teaching. This article includes examples of teachings people have concocted to allow themselves to go on being selfish. One of our best.
(See also The Golden Thread, Reject Us, Reject God, and Truth in Isolation.)

Check out a few of the things that Jesus actually told his followers to do. You will see that Christianity hasn't been tried and found wanting. In fact, it has hardly been tried at all!
(See also So, Who ARE They Following?, Which Christ are You Following? part 1, and Solid as a Rock.)

The social conscience often tells us to do the right thing, but to do it for the wrong reason. It usually comes from our parents (especially our mothers). Real change comes when we find a higher source of direction than the social conscience. When we do, we will be able to see through (and outsmart) those who operate only at the level of social conscience.
(See also Forsaking Your Parents, Fear of Public Opinion, and Cannibals for Christ.)

This is clearly one of our most popular tracts. It strips away all of the jargon and double-talk from economics, and explains it in terms that a child can understand. It offers a radical, yet practical, alternative to both capitalism and communism.
(See also The Root of All Evil, Surely, Not All Evils!, Let's Get Radical!, The Greed Tree, and I-Dollar-Tree.)

An inspiring story about honesty and faithfulness in the face of apparent failure.
(See also Faithfulness, and Those Other Apostles.)

Feeling down? Do you think things are pretty rough at the moment? Read this.
(See also Smile, God Loves You!)

Lying is to deception what adultery is to lust. Being honest about our dishonesty is a lot harder than just not telling lies; but it will bring freedom and wholeness when we learn how to do it.
(See also Constant Prayer, Without Guile, and Self-Righteousness.)

A church without a creed? Won't it lead to confusion? Actually, we have more unity than most, simply because we can trust God to lead us together into his truth.
(See also Non-Christian Religions.)

When was the last time you accepted the truth in a criticism levelled against yourself? What makes criticism "constructive" is often just our willingness to learn from it.
(See also Accountability, Hurtless Criticism, and Character.)

When you find yourself in the midst of a testing time, the lessons you learn from this short essay may be just what you need to turn the test into a victory. It's one of our favourites!
(See also The Revolution, and The Cross.)

A re-write of the parable of the Good Samaritan. God is not interested in your religion. He's more interested in things like love, faith, and honesty.
(See also What is Faith?)

This is one of our most widely published articles... not published by ourselves, but by numerous magazines and other sites throughout the world. It has been copied so many times that we don't know ourselves where all it has appeared. We get a lot of mail from people around the world thanking us for liberating them in this area that is so riddled with unnecessary guilt. 
(See also  Sex Sense.)

One of the most popular articles on our website. It gives seven practical, scriptural, tips on how to live by faith in the real world. It really works, and you can experience living by faith yourself if you will follow this simple plan.
(See also Contentment, Living in Community, and Living by Faith and Finances, part 2.)

This article is one of the most quoted ones by those who accuse us of being a cult. It comes almost entirely from the Children of God, and is the one teaching we have most in common with them. Read it to see the real reason why we are hated so much.
(See also The Forsake All Principle, Let Go and Let God Do It!, and Cut off your Hand!.)

If you have any doubts about whether we are a sex cult, read this. It outlines our approach to dating, which not only bans sexual intercourse outside of marriage, but also kissing and cuddling... even between engaged couples. (See also The Cuddlies, Holy Hugs, and Wanking, The Last Taboo.)

A serious look at what it means to be effeminate, particularly in relation to biblical instructions about females submitting to males. Some startling revelations that blow away old myths about the differences between the sexes.
(See also The Spirit of Eve, Divine Authority, Anarchy and Pacifism, The Jezebel Spirit, and The Spirit of God.)

It's as fundamental as faith. It's your willingness to hear God say that you are wrong. We will never hear anything if we never open ourselves up to that possibility.
(See Hearing from God, Fear of the Devil, Self-Righteousness, Lest You Fall, and Change.)

We have the spiritual equivalent of the "cure for cancer", but the world doesn't want to hear about it. A simple analogy about axle grease shows why they react the way they do.
(See also So, Who ARE They Following?, Breaking the Spell, and As the World Turns.)

Sigmund Freud (of all people) is used to preach the gospel of regeneration. A liberating look at the worst and supposed "best" in all of us.
(See also Tips to End Repression, Repression vs Control, The Social Conscience Part 1, and Heavy Burdens and Difficult Yokes.)

Unlike most essays on the infinite, this one does not leave you feeling insignificant. It emphasises just how short human history has been, and how important our own lifetime is in God's unfolding plan for the world.
(See also God's No Fool, and Pictures that Bring Perspective.)

There is a greater sin than disobeying God; it is the sin of not believing he loves you. When we believe that he loves us, we can submit to anything he asks, knowing that it is for our good. (See also Let Go and Let God Do It!.)

Ever feel like your life and service are insignificant? This look at the Twelve Apostles gives some surprising encouragement for nondescripts like ourselves.
(See also The Reno Principle, True Greatness , Keep on Planting, and Faithfulness: Some Thoughts.)

A study of the strong (and weak) points of exclusivism, inclusivism, and universalism.
(See also The First Rule is: There are no Rules, Another Cornerstone, Non-Christian Religions, and In Search of Truth.)

We leaders need to learn to wait until followers are ready to accept our help, and to put up with a drop in production of one sort or another until that time comes.
(See also Hurtless Criticism, Space Without Spice, and Becoming Adults.)

Sometimes we must be cruel to be kind. Our love for the truth must go beyond even our closest personal relationships. Not an easy article to read, but voted one of the most helpful by members of our community.
(See also Burying your Talent, Hard Decisions, Reality in Utopia, and The Spirit of Eve.)

Are you looking for a world where everything goes smoothly? If you are, then be prepared for the discipline that it takes to make it work. Practicalities like job lists, budgets, and schedules are the stuff from which real utopias are built.
(See also Why Communes Fail, Laziness, Accountability, and Empowerment Sessions.)

This Easy English version of Grievances explains how we fix disagreements in our community. The simple solution from the teachings of Jesus, will work for any group; yet almost no one uses it.
(See also Criticism, Authority and Grievances, and Advice for Counsellors.)

This one comes from a Scottish "Primitive Quaker". He shows that real unity can only come from devotion to the One who sits at the top of the mountain. Confusion results if we get obsessed with the many different paths, some of which actually lead away from the One at the top.
(See also Universalism, Pros and Cons, and The Tolerance Myth.)

You won't win every time; but you will win overall, as long as you're willing to "play the odds" in the kingdom of heaven.
(See also Making Decisions, Hearing from God, and Burying your Talent.)

One of Cherry's best articles. Suffering is part of a well-lived life, and happiness is its by-product.
(See also Oh, for a Really Good Day!, and Why Did My Father Die?)

Part one of this Easy English study shows that we will die in our spirit if we do not have a clear understanding of how our actions fit into the Big Plan for the world. Part two shows how greed has destroyed the world, and how Jesus gives us the answers to change this.
(See also The Pizza Parable, Surely, Not All Evils!, and A New Economic Policy.)

"Judges" have a poor image in today's world. This study puts a different slant on the command that is usually taken as a rule against judging.
(See also The Tolerance Myth.)

An in-depth comparison of medical science, alternative medicine, and faith healing. It considers the strengths and weaknesses of each, and calls for a combination of the best of all three to bring about a truly effective healing ministry. It was written as a guide for the staff at a medical clinic that we set up in India in the 1990's. (See also Alternative Medicine, and Academic Towers of Babel.)

A short essay to overcome petty disputes between husbands and wives, reminding them that they are playing on the same team, and that points scored against a partner count against themselves as well. Recommended for all team workers, as well as married couples.
(See also The Battle of the Sexes.)

This is the original study about discipline that led to the formulation of our doctrines about the Virgin Army.
(See also No Effeminate Person, The Spirit of God, and The Virgin Army.)

Looking for something really different in what we teach? Some people think this article on celibacy is a good place to start. But don't be surprised if it turns out to be very solidly based on Bible teaching all the same!
(See also The Virgin Army, part 2, The Virgin Army, part 3, The Twelve Tribes, The Jezebel Spirit, Wanking, The Last Taboo, and Why Are You Single?)

The Two Witnesses of The Revelation are linked with other references to two or three witnesses in the New Testament. Shows how many who claim to be one of the Two Witnesses have missed a fundamental lesson about learning to work with others.
(See also Living in Community, and Loose Cannons.)

 (Easy English)
This Easy English study will teach you how to know if someone is being motivated by God's Spirit, or if they are being controlled by a bad spirit. If you can't tell the good guys from the bad guys, you could end up in a lot of trouble.
(See also Reading Minds, Thou Shalt Judge, Deception, Discernment, Mark Those Who Cause Division, Fear Not!, and WWFJD?)

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