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The love of money is the root of all evil

1 Timothy 6:10

The human race has been conned into believing that we cannot live without money. We are conditioned from early childhood to use our lives to become rich. We are taught that if we don't use our time doing things which receive a monetary reward, we are parasites on society.

The glitter and status of wealth and possessions have blinded people into believing this lie. Farmers destroy large amounts of food so they can triple the price of what is left and make more money while a third of the world's population doesn't have enough to eat. Because it adds zeros to the end of someone's bank balance, it is interpreted as creating wealth.

Greed is destroying us. Poor people become the brainwashed slaves of the rich, whether working in their factories or sacrificing their lives in a war. They believe money will make them happy, and that without it they will die.

Family relationships are neglected in this race for the dollar, resulting in many broken marriages and many more unloved children.

Even those who become rich are not happy, because they aren't doing what they like to do. How many of you would stay in your jobs if you weren't paid for it? Very few.

Most of us have prostituted our lives to the highest bidder. The ones who are doing what they enjoy doing are much happier. To them work is play. (We call it plurking.) Consequently, they are more reliable, more dedicated, and more contented than their workmates.

To achieve real wealth, we need people who actively resist the temptation to work for money, choosing instead to use all of their skills, energy and resources to make a better world through love.

Jesus came to tell us about this new world order. He called it the Kingdom of Heaven. He promised that the Creator of the universe will feed and clothe anyone who will work for him. He asks us to help others for love, rather than to make money.

We have trusted this promise and found it to be valid. Would you like to try?

(See also A New Economic Policy.)

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