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Each time you agree with someone, you take on a small part of that person's identity; and your own identity bends slightly in favour of the person with whom you agree. If the agreement is very great, the change can be great. This similarity in values, actions, and even appearance is commonly noticed between married couples and between parents and children.

When a person comes in contact with ultimate Truth and yields to it, that person's whole life-style becomes transformed, resulting in a whole new identity. Jesus called it being "born again" or "becoming like a child" once again. Critics call it being brainwashed, becoming a robot, or simply losing your identity.

We've all heard of leaders like Charles Manson and Jim Jones who are apparently able to dominate the minds of their followers; and too much concern about such people can make us afraid to be led by anyone. But fear is the worst dictator of all. And the worst leaders (including Manson and Jones) know how to use it to achieve the very thing their followers fear.... domination over the follower.

If you run in fear from one devil, you go straight into the arms of a worse one. Those who refuse to listen to uncomfortable truths because they fear being controlled often end up trapped in the confines of their own ignorance.

Someone has said, "We have nothing to fear but fear itself."

We have observed with sadness a number of people who felt drawn to us and what we teach, but they eventually ran in fear of "losing their identity." These same people have often ended up becoming slaves to their own irrational fears.

The solution lies neither in total rejection of us, nor in total submission to us, but rather in total submission to "Ultimate Truth". Not truth as we know it, or as you know it, but to Truth "out there" beyond all human limitations.

We have found that, by praying to "Truth" and asking Him (or It, if you prefer) to control our lives, we have developed a confidence that brings immunity to brainwashing by others. We can open our minds, listen humbly, and fully embrace truths from any source without fear of domination, because we are already dominated by a higher Power, which is Truth itself.

Beware of the delusion that tells you that your own mind can act as the final judge on all truth. Truth is bigger than any of us. But you will move closer to Ultimate Truth as you strive for greater honesty about your own shortcomings, and as you accept wholeheartedly the grains of truth that come to you from other sources.

As you do, your identity will change, but it will only change to represent a more informed you.

(See also Fear of the Devil.)

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