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Teachings Categories

These are the classic articles on which we founded the Jesus Christians.  They are organized into the following categories

  • The Top Forty: Our most popular classic articles. 
  • Jesus & Money: The fundamentals of our faith can be found here.
  • Churches & Theology: Punchy stuff exposing the difference between religion and Christianity.
  • Deep Thoughts: Personal growth and a call to humility and sincerity.
  • Endtime & Sex: Two controversial subjects and the links between them.
  • Inspirationals: When the going gets tough, we need to stay focused on what's important.
  • Leadership: We should all be maturing and helping others mature spiritually.
  • Leftovers: A bit of this and a bit of that.
  • Quaker Similarities: Prayer, politics and more from Quaker and Jesus Christian perspectives.
  • Strong Meat: Everyone needs a hard word at times, but not everyone can handle one.

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