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Live organ donations, household tips, Harry Potter, and dealing with the Press. What do they have in common? Nothing... except that articles on all of them (and a lot more) are on this page. These are the ones that did not fit into the other ten books that we have printed up on various topics. If you like variety, you've come to the right place.

A good summary of the case for live non-directed organ donation, as well as a careful analysis of the reasons people are so critical of those who do donate.  Further proof of the cynical saying that "No good deed goes unpunished."

The world is full of unfinished projects and leftover remnants. Learn how to use what others do not want, and you'll never go hungry.
(See also Bottom Squeezers)

This imaginary dialogue between Jesus and a would-be supporter gives some humorous insights into how donations are often used to turn the heads of those who seek to live by faith. Don't let it happen to you.
(See also The Cross, and Self-Righteousness .)

No, this is not an article about men who take liberties on crowded buses. It's about how faithfulness in little things creates an overall spirit of order that spreads to everything that you do.
(See also Job Lists, Budgets and Schedules, and Accountability, part 2.)

A film review which praises the movie's ability to combine love and discipline in the same characters. It includes reference to the need for serious lifestyle changes to save the planet.

The mass media represent great possibilities for preaching the gospel; but they can also crucify us. Ultimately, however, even the persecution will, like the cross, get the message to the masses.
(See also Media Interviews, and Cannibals for Christ.)

Some good arguments are given for not distributing literature. And then they are looked at more closely to reveal a possible deeper problem

You cannot sneak into heaven on the basis of membership in our group (or any other group). God wants personal contact. Jesus is the only mediator.
(See also The True Conscience, and Constant Prayer.)

We are not the kingdom of heaven. We are only an imperfect (and dispensable) tool to point people toward the kingdom of heaven. This article examines the paradox of an invisible kingdom in a real world. It's a bit like trying to put the wind in a box. Wind is real, but NOT when you put it in a box.
(See also The Kingdom of Heaven or Religion?.)

The whole concept of follow-ups stems from a misunderstanding of what the 'gospel' is all about in the first place.
(See also System Worship, and The Kingdom of Heaven or Religion?.)

Fame, is it good or bad?  Dave points out that it all depends on your motives.  God can use fame to get the message out, but once you start trying to promote yourself, then you're in trouble.

Fran describes a vision he had which reminded him that criticism from those who love us is actually an expression of love. Very good reading!
(See also Unconditional Love?, Criticism, and Disagreements.)

This parody on Jesus' rebuke of the Pharisees targets the merchants and advertisers who have desecrated the name of Jesus with their greedy Christmas promotions.
(See also The The Christmas Dilemma .)

This letter to a Catholic nun, challenges the current concept of "natural" amongst people who promote alternative medicine. It also questions the honesty of alternative healers who do not follow the same strict guidelines that are required for Western scientific research.
(See also Heal the Sick.)

Idiot Savants.  Observations about so-called mental stimulation which is little more than mental inactivity, dealing with worldwide obsessions with video games.

Do we or don't we celebrate birthdays and holidays? Yes and no.
(See also The Christmas Dilemma .)

Our critics argue that no matter where our money comes from, it does not come from God. They insist on knowing the details, so they can "disprove God" by giving society, Caesar, or the government mint credit for our material support. We disagree.
(See also Living by Faith -- How to Do It.)

How can you tell when you are heading for a breakdown?  Dave gives some practical advice and personal insight into what it takes to stay on the rails.

Jay builds on an earlier article by Cherry on the well rounded Christian life.

The lesson in this one is good year round. Society often engages in things that are a mixture of good and evil, truth and deception. We need wisdom to extract the good without being sucked in by the evil. This article relates this need for wisdom to our dealings with the churches as well.
(See also Non-Christian Religions.)

Dave reflects on how living in community can help to overcome the tendency to be grumpy as one grows older.

Have you seen the movie? Read the books? Is it all harmless fun? Or is it part of a diabolical plot?
(See also No More Masks.)

Dave covers three principles that he learned from years of studying sociology, and he relates them to our Christian walk. They are (a) the fundamental attribution error; (b) the self-fulfilling prophecy; and (c) in-group vs out-group biases.
(See also Cognitive Dissonance, We See What We Want to See, Shibboleths, and Singles or Doubles?)

Insubordinate soldiers can destroy an army from within; and so it is necessary for members to overcome resistance to obedience if we are to have any unity on the spiritual battlefront.
(See also Losing Your Identity, Malcontents, and Pride Smashing.)

Dave answers a list of questions sent in by a student who was researching live organ donations. Some people will be surprised to discover that our position includes serious warnings about the need to regulate organ donations.
(See also A Letter to a Doctor.)

A tribute to the courage of a former member. Includes applications to our practice of organ donations.
(See also A Letter to a Student, and A Letter to a Doctor.)

Sue writes to a medical ethicists about her convictions with regard to an anonymous live kidney donation. The same doctor later published an article in which he quoted Sue at length and said that she had changed his thinking with regard to Good Samaritan organ donations.
(See also A Letter to a Student.)

Ross, who has been the most successful recruiter of new disciples in the community, gives some tips on how to turn a simple exercise in literature distribution into a personal evangelistic crusade.
(See also Tracts.)

This article makes specific reference to the Bobby Kelly case as well as to The Family, and shows how blind obedience can lead to problems in large groups as well as in small groups. The law, it says, must be laid aside at times in order to arrive at real truth.
(See also Civil Disobedience.)

The devil's greatest trick to get people to backslide, is to get them sympathising with other backsliders and passing judgment on those who refuse to backslide. At the root of it all is a scheme to get you to stop judging yourself and to blame your own sinfulness on someone else.
(See also The Benefits of Not Backsliding, Adam's Sin, and Mark Those Who Cause Division.)

The poor may be exempted from requirements for salvation which are essential for those of us with more material comforts. Like infants and mentally handicapped people, God may wink at the spiritual immaturity of the poor. On the other hand, our material aid may bring with it certain spiritual responsibilities on the part of the recipients.
(See also The Dark Side, and The Problem with the Poor.)

Comparisons are made between groups over 30 members and people aged over 30, and how idealism tends to fall off in both.
(See also Corporate Adolescence.)

Martin discusses his approach to running, and how it inspires him spiritually. Some good lessons with regard to enjoying all forms of discipline.
(See also Let Go and Let God Do It!.)

Cherry lists some practical tips for safety and consideration when living together.
(See also A Visiting Guide.)

Cherry lists 15 practical tips to consider when visiting other people (whether system friends or other Jesus Christians). Good common sense expressions of Christian love.
(See also Imagination, Laziness, and Why Communes Fail.)

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