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When we first took up nursing studies we were shocked at the concept of "triage" nursing. This has to do with the hard decisions that must be made in a disaster, where not all of the needs can be met, and where even those which are met may be met at a minimal level.

In our society we are accustomed to hearing the argument that every human life is priceless, and that it's worth all the money in the world just to save one life. But in reality, if all the money in the world were spent to save one life, nothing would be left to save the rest. So, when there are others in the waiting room, there must be a limit on how much time and effort should be put into just one person.

In a disaster, nurses must make hard decisions. They must often walk away from a hopeless patient, or one who is in agony, in order to assist one who can only be saved with immediate treatment. Painful procedures may need to be done without anaesthetics or without taking time to explain what is happening, just because of the urgency of the situation.

In India, life in the clinic was like a disaster situation. The demand was so high that we were often forced to give less time than was needed to individual patients. There were times when just taking a day off meant death for someone. Yet if we didn't take time to rest, we would be of no use to anyone.

Such life and death decisions are common practice in battlefields, where a general knows that whatever choice he makes, someone is going to be lost. We see a parallel between this and the spiritual warfare that we are in.

It strikes us that people who worry about us being too harsh in our criticisms of the church do not really understand the seriousness of what we are trying to do.

We're talking about people's eternal destiny. Everywhere we see churchies teaching that you don't have to obey Jesus to be a Christian. They use every argument they can think of to do it. The church that has taken the name of Jesus in vain for so long is literally murdering the souls of millions through such lies.

Desperate action is definitely needed.

Yet our critics argue that merely stating the facts as we did in the paragraph above amounts to being "too harsh". The fact that they could even consider using such an argument in the first place indicates that they need to be woken up to what is really happening.

Some will say, "Oh yes, we see problems in the church, but slow down, conform, sit and listen to them, smile, be sweet, and that will solve the problem. No way! Could you imagine what Jeremiah or Elijah or John the Baptist would have said to those kind of suggestions in their day?

People read Critics Corner in our newsletter, and say we are too impatient with our critics. Yet we have spent days dealing with many of these individuals. Some we have travelled across the country or around the world to visit personally. We have patiently tried to get them to respond in obedience to Jesus. Our whole lives have literally been given to trying to lead them to Jesus; and then some know-it-all, sitting in a comfortable office, far removed from the reality of the war, writes to tell us that we just need to be nicer and all will be well with the world.

The world is headed for hell, and the church is leading the way. It says "Lord, Lord" but refuses to do (or even teach) what Jesus taught. We will continue to warn people that unless they turn to Christ in total submission to him as Lord, then all their hopes of salvation are a fraud. Hard words; but they are true.

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