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Primitive people made statues, then convinced themselves that their statues possessed special powers. They would talk to them, give gifts to them, even kill their children and sacrifice the dead bodies to these lifeless lumps of wood and stone. Religious leaders used this misplaced faith to control people. It is disgusting to our enlightened minds, but in some parts of the world this is still being practised. The glitter and shine of a new idol blinds the owners to the truth about its origins.

But such ignorance is not limited to the non-Western world. We have more glitter, shine, and electrical circuits, so we can dazzle and blind people into even greater stupidity. Glossy publications, coast to coast billboards, and the electronic media conspire to dictate the kind of music we will enjoy, the kind of clothes we will wear, the values that will shape our lives.

Whole families spend hours worshipping in front of idols that sparkle with colour, sound, and moving pictures. These idols tell parents they can find happiness by working harder in the idol factories of our world to get money. In turn, parents teach their children that they too must dedicate their lives to the production lines.

The high priests of our society give us tokens (money) for sacrificing our lives and families to their religion of 'economics'.

Anyone who suggests that the real God is displeased with such materialism is rejected as superstitious. It is considered more intelligent to put your faith in things you can see and touch... things we made ourselves!

But cars, swimming pools, and video games don't answer questions about the origins of the universe, satisfy one's need for love, or provide a meaningful purpose for life. So the priests of greed find new ways to numb our senses and destroy our souls. They pump us full of foolishness, drugs, and sex.

Foolishness comes in every thing from comics to cabarets, from cassettes to commercials. And they call it happiness. Drugs come in pills, tinnies, and cartons. We can eat them, drink them, and inhale them. And they call it peace. Sex comes in many forms too... videos, discos, parties, bi, hetero, group. And they call it love.

But foolishness, drugs, and sex get sicker and sicker until the idol producers are able to give us hate, violence, and terror, and still watch us slave away to get money to purchase these perversions. Movies and music get further away from the comfortable promises of good triumphing over evil, until love songs become hate songs, and torture becomes entertainment. We queue for the privilege of being debased by such sickness.

On top of this comes a revival of religious fervour. None of the old superstitions about a loving Creator who can feed and clothe you. No, only the idols can do that now. But lots of new superstitions about how stars, or lines on your palm, or leaves in your tea cup can control your life and lead you to true happiness. The meaning of life is to be found in biorhythms, auras, aromatherapy, you name it. Every week a new book of jargon and double-talk lands on the market. The more ridiculous the claim, the more enthusiastically people will believe it.

And now we are approaching the final stage of global madness: blatant worship of the devil... the incarnation of all that is evil. True, we stopped believing in the devil years ago, but it didn't make him any less real. We've been worshipping him without knowing it ever since we stopped worshipping the Creator. And the devil has been using money and all that it buys to destroy our minds and souls ever since! The world is now sufficiently under his thumb that he can take public credit, and gloat in his successful humiliation of mankind.

Is there no way out? Yes, there is! Smash your idols, and return to simple childlike faith in God. To hell with the lies of the respectable (though demonic) system and its brainwashed puppets! We don't need their dollars or their idols. God can feed us if we will work to build a new world of love. We've tried it, and we've found that it works.

You may be sure that nobody who is greedy (for greed is idolatry) will ever receive a share in the kingdom of God. Ephesians 5:5

(See also The Xmas Spirit.)

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