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Imagine yourself as God. You've made the universe from nothing, and your special creation is people. They can feel joy and sorrow, confidence and fear, love and hate. Earth, and the life people experience on it are just the start of life as you know it. You have the capacity to give them that life... to make them live forever, without sickness or sorrow. You can fill them so full of happiness that their present bodies could not contain it all. You can give them super-powers like yourself.

But first you want to know that they appreciate who you are and what you've done for them.

Some of these humans have formed clubs, where they talk about you. They rave about how great you are and how much they love you. But it's clear from their lives that they don't mean a word of it. Each club is different, but they all make their own rules about how to tell true worshippers from false ones - stupid rules that your worst enemy could follow!

So how are you going to decide who to give your blessings to? It's really not hard at all. You just find what people love most, and you ask them to trade it for all that you have... no, for your promise that you'll give them all that you have: eternal life, eternal joy, eternal adventure. If they have faith to do that, you've found true believers.

But how do you convince them that this set of rules is really coming from you? Well, you go down there yourself, in a human body, and tell them the rules, practice them yourself, and demonstrate in as many ways as necessary that you really are God, including coming back to life after being killed.

You do such a convincing job of it that they end up measuring all time from when you were born on their planet. Each year the whole world celebrates your appearance on their planet. They build huge cathedrals and multi-national organisations to honour the God who became a human.

But still they refuse to follow the rules that you came to give them. Still they cling to their trivial possessions, their jobs, their families, their lives. And they do this while claiming to be entitled to the eternal life you promised to those who showed their faith in you by meeting your specifications.

So what do you do? Do you throw out the rules, let people call the shots, and bow to their selfish decrees? Or do you stick to the rules and demand that they live by faith in you alone if they want to share in all that you have?

Only a fool would be conned into backing down to these liars and cheats, and you're no fool, are you?

But of course you aren't really God; and when you think about it, if you're not getting serious about obeying the rules he has given, then maybe you are the fool!

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