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I had a vision that was very strong and that seemed significant.

There was a panorama city-scape before me. Every now and then I saw the glitter of gold. In my dream, I zoomed in on the area. There was a golden thread, or ribbon along a path near a river, that was mostly obscured by trees and shrubs.

The golden thread represented truth. Several of us (including myself) were on the path. The thread was being spun before us by God himself, and it was meant to show us the way. We had to concentrate on the thread and ignore distractions, or we would lose our way. It was important to keep following the golden thread.

Other people, notably preachers, would occasionally get a glimpse of the golden thread. They would instantly receive the truths contained in that portion of the thread which they had seen reflected in the sunlight. However, instead of following the thread to find more truth, they would run off and become famous for the sermons and books that would result from their brief encounter with truth.

Some of us back on the path faithfully following the thread became a little jealous of these instant success preachers, especially since they had received such a small portion of the overall truth that we had discovered. However, we quickly realised that our jealousy too was a distraction, and we returned to following the golden thread.

The lesson seems obvious, and that is that we have a higher calling than just some new doctrine, or gimmick. Our calling is to walk in the light continually. If we try to use the light selfishly, we will lose track of the thread and where it is leading overall.

Never stop learning, for when we stop growing, we start to die.

(See also Keep on Planting.)

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