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Jesus Christian Verse Cards

New Verse Card Set:
These verse card sets are laid out in the order they should be studied:

Set A - Set B - Set C - Set D - Set E              All 200 Cards

These verse card sets are layed out in order of topics (They are the same cards as above).
Click on the category of verse cards you would like to study:

Jesus Vs Bible           End Times           Love           Sincerity
Obedience           False Teachers           Maturity           Water Baptism
Living by Faith           Health and Miracles           Non Israel Kingdom           Wisdom
Community           Holy Spirit           Opposition  
Condemnation           Humility           Outreach  
Encouragement           Jesus Vs Law           Rich Vs Poor  

Download the New [printableVerse card set [728kb - PDF]

Click here to see the old verse card set and manual

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