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A modern paraphrase of the book of Jeremiah

“I will bring upon that land all my words which I have pronounced against it, even all that is written in this book, which Jeremiah hath prophesied against all the nations. For many nations and great kings shall serve themselves of them also; and I will recompense them according to their deeds, and according to the works of their own hands.” (Jeremiah 25:13-14)

This is a loose paraphrase of the first twelve chapters of Jeremiah (with a few short omissions), in an effort to relate it to the United States in the 1990's.

Literary license has been exercised; but a careful comparison with various modern translations (as well as the King James Version) should reveal that the overall spirit of Jeremiah's message has been preserved, and, in many cases, is even more relevant today than when it was first written. In some cases, a peculiarly New Testament interpretation has been made, and some New Testament references have been included in parentheses in order to help clarify the connection.


God said to me one day that he had planned for me to prophesy to the nations even before I was born. But I said, “I'm only a child.”

Then God replied, “Don't let your age bother you. Just go where I tell you, and say what I give you to stay. If you stick with me, no one can touch you without my permission.”

Then he touched my mouth, and said, “What comes out now will be my words. From now on, you have authority to tear down and destroy systems of man, as well as to build up the kingdom of heaven in their place.”
page01God showed me a branch from an almond tree and said, “You may not think it's growing, but if you watch long enough, you'll see it. The same is true with what I say. It'll all happen as I say eventually.” (1)

Another time, God asked me what I was watching, and I said, “The Big Dipper.

See how it points to the North Star.” (2)

“So it does,” he replied. “And all of America will be in hot water, when the Bear from the North tips its dipper upon this nation.

“Russia will destroy the cities of this country; and it'll be an expression of my anger against a nation which has forgotten me and gone after material security instead.

“So get going! Do what I tell you, and you will have nothing to fear. You'll only look stupid if you start expressing your own opinions, instead of what I have told you to say.

“I have built a wall of protection around you, which the government, the churches and all the angry crowds in the country cannot break down. They will try, of course, but in the end we'll come out on top.”

(1) Jeremiah prophesied for 50 years before many of his prophecies were fulfilled.
(2) The North Star is the major star in the constellation URSA (The Bear).


Here's what God gave me to say:

I remember when you were a young country. You trusted in me then. People came to you because of religious freedom, and they were thankful for my provision during those first, difficult years.

I was thankful for them too. I promised myself that I would bless them and this country. And that's exactly what I have done ever since.

page02But listen to me now, America! How have I let you down, that you now claim for your selves the credit for your successes? When times were difficult, when you were persecuted, hungry, thirsty, and all alone, you remembered me. Because I have blessed you and given you a land of prosperity, you have made progress itself into a god, and you have forgotten me.

Your religious leaders do not ask my opinion when they preach their platitudes. Your congressmen and representatives don't have any idea what I want for this nation. Your pastors have disobeyed my teachings, and your followers are more interested in money than they are in my word.

I'm pleading with you, America! Look at the heathen countries of the world. Have you ever heard of one of them changing its religion, or throwing its religion away altogether for the sake of materialism, which can never truly satisfy anyone?

I am horrified at your actions, even if you cannot see the seriousness of them. Your religion is dead and empty. The churches of America have made two mistakes. First, they have forsaken me, the fountain of living water, and then they have tried to replace me with big fancy buildings where they say my Spirit may be found. What a lie!


page03My son came to free you from your need to work for money (Matthew 11:28-30, & 6:19-34), but you didn't like that. Instead, you prostituted yourselves for greed. I've given you a formula for a full and happy life; but you have managed to turn it into degenerate rottenness. All your nice clothes and shiny cars cannot cover up your filth, so do not argue, saying that you are not serving both me and mammon.

Have a look at yourselves. You're like a wild donkey when she is in heat. Nothing can stop her from mating with anything that comes along. I ask you to wait for me, and I will meet your needs, but you insist on doing things on your own impatient way. “We can't help it,” you argue. “We've become accustomed to luxuries and cannot live without them.”

You're like stupid thieves who can't pull off a robbery without giving themselves away. In your obsession with materialism and inanimate objects, you've actually taught that human life 'evolved' from such things! And you expect the rest of the world to believe you have not turned your back on me?! Public schools are not the only ones teaching such ridiculous superstitions... even many of your religious institutions have been sucked in by 'evolution'.

page03bWhen trouble comes, of course, you will expect me to be there to help you. But that's when I'll say, “Let Darwin save you. Let your church buildings save you. Let your skyscrapers save you. After all, your cities, and the materialism that they represent, have become your gods.”

Why ask me for help when you haven't obeyed my Son? His life and teachings have been wasted on you. You are personally responsible for killing him, by your rejection of what he has taught.

Is it really so hard to know my will? All you have to do is to open your Bibles, and look at what I have already said. Righteousness is not a matter of personal opinion; yet that is all that your religion consists of.

Note: If, at this stage, you have any doubts about how seriously religious people in the Western world take the teachings of Christ, then just ask any one of them to tell you ten or twenty of the direct commands of Jesus Christ. Most will be able to tell you that he told us to love one another; but after that, they are stuck. They can rattle off the Ten Commandments, delivered by Moses, quote everything Paul ever said about long hair, tell you the difference between the Rapture, Tribulation, first and second resurrection, tell you a hundred promises that God has made to people who obey his commands, and tell you that Paul was a tentmaker; but the teachings of Christ... particularly his commands... well, they just seem to have escaped them!)


page04aA bride would have more respect for her jewelry and wedding gown than what you have shown for your Husband! (Romans 7:4) The church in America could teach the whole world a few lessons about unfaithfulness. In fact, the blame for immorality in the world lies squarely at the door of the church. It treats the poor like thieves, and then deceives itself into thinking that this is an expression of faithfulness to me. But the whole world can see through such hypocrisy.

Some of you actually think that I owe it to you to defend you. You dare to ask me, “What have we done wrong?” Alright, I'll tell you: Your faith is half-hearted. When it suits you, you put your faith in enhanced radiation, economics, the gods of the heathen nations. But these are the very things that are going to lead you into captivity.

They say that a man would be a fool to accept his wife back after she has been unfaithful to him, because she has been 'polluted'.

But you work for the gods of this world six days a week, and then expect me to be impressed by your church attendance on Sundays.
page04Take a closer look at what you are doing. You're supporting and promoting the very thing I hate; the materialistic rat race (Matthew 6:31-32). Then, you teach that I have instructed you to do this. This is not only dishonest, but it is spiritual pollution.

No wonder that your church services are dry! Your so-called evangelical movements are one big lie. The Bride of Christ has become the Whore of Babylon. You do these things as often and as enthusiastically as you please, and then pray in church, calling me your Father and your Lord! Do you expect me to be blind to that kind of behavior forever?page05America can see what happened to the Jews when they thought they could run things without me. I divorced them and left them to their enemies. But has the U.S. learned anything from this? Not at all! Instead, she had gone to playing the same treacherous games.

She gets her thrills from buying shiny new toys, made from plastic, metal and wood. This consumer economy has made her religious faith into a lie. I want her heart, but her heart is where her treasure is. If I don't destroy America, I owe Jews an apology.

THE WAY OUT (3:12-19)

Let the Russians hear what I am about to say:

If America will change her ways, I will yet protect her from the invasion. The situation is still not entirely hopeless. Just admit that you have sinned against me, and that you have let traditions and public opinion guide you more than the teachings of my son. I still consider myself to be married to you, even though 'you' may be the only one in your city or your family who considers himself married to me. If you will come to me as individuals, I will show you how to get out of this country before it is destroyed. I will lead you to others of similar faith, who will give you further teaching concerning my will.

You will discover that it is possible to have fellowship and worship, without having religious buildings or addresses. Even national borders will make no more difference, as you join a worldwide, underground fellowship of believers who are led only by me. (John 4:20-24) Americans, Russians, Israelis... they can all walk together as equals in my kingdom.

I asked myself, “How am I going to do this at the moment, considering everyone is so nationalistic?” And I determined that the only way anyone could enter my kingdom would be to forsake his national and family loyalties, and devote themselves wholly to me. (Luke 14:26)


As a nation, the United States is guilty of treason against God. And what has her treason accomplished? High up in the office buildings of the cities, there is emptiness and sadness. The people in them are spiritually retarded, having lost the simplicity of their childhood. God wants us to change all that... if only they would let him.

page06aSome have seen the futility of the rat race, but, instead of whole-heartedly seeking God, they've mixed their own reasoning in with what he has said. In vain they've set up refuges and subsistence farms in the mountains. But all of this is a waste of time. God is the only one who can save them, and they still only half listen to him.

As children, we have seen the work ethic destroy family unity. Our parents don’t have time for us because of their jobs. We grew up as orphans, with only the Babylonic Idiot Box to put us to bed at night. But we have not learned from this. We have followed in the footsteps of our parents, and have also refused to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, even up to this present moment.


“If you really want to change all that,” says God, “then do what I say. My teachings are that you must forsake all that you own (Luke 14:33), and stop working for physical food (Luke 16:13-15). Do that and you won't be destroyed. You'll also discover that I really do exist, and that I will provide for you. The whole world will see the Holy Spirit displayed in you.”

Before you can plant a new crop, you have to dig up the hard ground and remove the weeds. (Luke 8:14) Your love of money is what keeps getting you into trouble (I Timothy 6:10) So cut it off! Burn it up! Circumcise it! If you can’t destroy IT, then it will destroy YOU! (Luke 3:9-11)


Take this warning to the cities of America. In the streets and through the media people must be prepared for the attack. They must be told that Jesus Christ and the kingdom of heaven are their only real defence; because God himself is bringing this great destruction from over the North Pole.

The Beast is already on his way. His plans are to totally destroy the United States and to leave it uninhabited. It's time to start getting desperate with God. Plead for mercy. Accept whatever terms he demands. Recoganize this threat as part of God's anger upon a disobedient nation.

There's no point in trusting your president. He'll be dead long before he'll be able to save you. Congressmen and church leaders alike will be dumbfounded and helpless when the time comes.

Then I said, “God is right; You phony leaders have greatly deceived this country by promising us peace when you really wanted the economic advantages of war.”

page07When the time comes, people will hear a sound like wind, coming from the north. It'll not be coming to cool them, or to bring rain. It will be a terrible wind, coming to judge the U.S. of A. The air will be full of bombs and missiles, as they are caught by surprise in a sudden air attack. It'll be too late to do anything then. It'll be all over before many of them know what hit them!

Please, America, stop fighting the truth and accept God's way out. How long are you going to let your pride blind you to what God is saying? The evidence is all around you, if only you would open your eyes. I'll tell the rest of the world if the United States will not listen. They can at least see some truth in what I am saying. They'll surround America with the the inescapable truth of her greed and hypocrisy.

Don't think that you're being 'picked on' when this happens. You've brought this upon yourselves. The suffering you will go through is the result of your own indifference to the sufferings of others.


page08My heart feels like it is breaking. I can see what is coming and I cannot keep it in. I can hear the air raid sirens, and I can see wave after wave of destruction. The entire country – each home, with all of its contents – wiped out in a moment of time. How long must I suffer this horrible vision?

My fellow countrymen don't want to have anything to do with me. They have been drugged by their obsessions with making money. They are experts at that, but when it comes to understanding what God expects from people, Americans are little babies.

I looked again and the whole country seemed to be disintegrating. Mountains and hills were shaking; the sky was darkened by the blast; there was no human life; the birds had all left the air; America's 'fruited plain' had become a desert; and God's anger had flattened every city in the nation.

“I will leave the entire nation without inhabitants,” God said, “and that'll be only the beginning of my judgment upon the world. The whole earth will suffer, and the skies will be blackened. I've promised that this will happen, and I'm not about to change my mind.”


Go through the streets and shopping centers looking for individuals who are sincerely seeking the truth, and let them know that they can still escape this trouble.

But don't be fooled by churchy people who smile and say, “ God bless you” but don't know God at all, and wouldn't change their ways if they did. They will not submit themselves to the disciplines of the teachings of Christ. (Hebrews 12:25) Their material wealth has left them spiritually poor. (Revelation 3:17-19)
The church is full of fools, who have no real interest in the truth and judgment of God; and there are no signs of that changing now.
I decided to approach the leaders of the churches instead, figuring that at least they knew the truth of what God had given me to say.

They knew, alright!

But that only made them more determined to shut me up, and to keep anyone else from the truth of what I had to say.

But God promised me that they would be punished by mountain lions and desert wolves, if they flee to the country, and by Panthers if they return to cities.


“Listen to what you have done, and then tell me if you think I should excuse such behavior,” says the Lord. “The young people of this country have left me and put their faith in money... when it was really I who gave them their material blessings in the first place. To relieve their boredom, they have turned to sex and orgies. Like a horse which has been fed by hand in the morning, and had nothing else to do all day, they have been spoiled by their parents, and spend all their leisure time experimenting with sexual gratification.

“Don't you think that I owe it to those young people and their parents, to punish them? I wouldn't be doing my duty as their heavenly Father if I didn't.”


God has already given instructions to the Russians to destroy America and especially to destroy her armaments, which are a disgrace to a so-called Christian nation. “The United States and Israel are both traitors to me,” he said. “They have been a massive disappointment. I've gone to a great deal of trouble to warn them both, and they think it is a big joke. They say my messengers are full of hot air, and are just twisting the Bible. But in actual fact, it is they who are full of hot air, and who twist the Bible.”

As punishment for this, God promised me that what I say will become like a fire, and the people of America will become like wood. God's word in my mouth will destroy them. So how is that for hot air!

CLUES (5:15-19)

“I'll bring a nation against America,” God promised. “It's a powerful and ancient nation, which speaks a different language to yours. Their armaments are almost unlimited, and they are not afraid to use them. They'll devour your orchards, your crops, your cattle and your sheep, and destroy the big cities in which you've put your faith.

“But there will be a few survivors, and when people begin to ask, “why is this happening to us?” It will be the job of those who survive to say, “we've left God; so now he's left us.'”

RICH FOOLS (5:20-31)

Here is the message which must be published throughout America and Israel:

Listen, you people who have been turned into brainwashed zombies! Don't you have enough sense to fear your Creator? I've established the coastlines of the world, and if the mighty oceans cannot change the limits which I have set for them, then why do you think that they can defy me?

But America is a rebellious nation, full of revolting people! They don't even try to humor me in an effort to keep me blessing their harvests. Instead, they shake their fists in my face. As punishment, I will take my blessing away from them.

The sin of the churches is that they use people, to make money, rather than using money to help people. There is more deceit in the churches of America than there are feathers in a chicken coop. How else do you suppose they've become so rich? Churchgoers are the greediest of the lot in America. They leave social welfare to the government, and concentrate on prosperity teachings and building programs instead.

Can anyone dare to suggest that God should overlook this? Isn't it the safest forecast one could make to say that God will seek revenge on such arrogant rebellion? The hypocrisy of the American churches is one of the wonders of the modern world! The prophets tell blatant lies, and the priests use their positions to promote themselves, and the people think it is all just great. But the lies and prestige will be no help at all when the end comes.


The Lord himself is organising the destruction of the U.S.A. “This is the place to attack,” he says. “It is full of exploitation. Greed and competitiveness flow from America like water from a faucet. I am constantly reminded of the people this country has trampled on to get where it is today.

“Listen to what I am saying, America, or there will be no survivors at all! Those who do survive will be taken as prisoners, or they will escape as refugees to other countries. No one will be left here. So make your plans accordingly.”

But who is going to pay any attention to such a message? They have been conditioned to think of prophets of doom as big jokes. Just saying that God has sent me at all means to them that I must be a kook. Now I understand why God is so angry, for I too am totally fed up with them. I'll go to the young people and to the universities instead. Let married couples and oldies die together if they like!

“And I will destroy their houses, properties, and wives,” God promised. “It'll be my punishment for their rejection. Everyone in the country, from newspaper boys to presidents, is trying to make more money (Colossians 3:5) And everyone, including the church leaders, is dishonest as a result. The only consolations the churches care to offer anyone have been philosophies about positive thinking, that don't really work anyway.


Does America's service to Mammon embarrass her? Of course not! She cannot see that it is an abomination to God. (Luke 16:13-15) So God will have to destroy her when the time comes.

This is not some new, far-out doctrine. Have a look at your Bibles, and you'll see it's what Jesus came to teach. (John 14:6) He wants you to enjoy the rest that he is offering, but you choose to remain in the sickening rat race instead. (Matthew 11:28-30)

Take a look at the Revelation too, and you will see God's trumpet warnings about the coming Tribulation. Yet the churches have taught that page11Jesus will come back before all of this, and we will float to heaven on beds of ease. (I Corinthians 15:52; Revelation 8:6-12) But you have no excuse, for I'm telling you quite clearly right now what to expect. The whole world must be told that God is about to judge the United States of America.

'Positive Thinking' without positive obedience can only result in positive destruction.

God says, “I am not impressed with beautiful cathedrals, big name entertainers, or professional movies.” These extravaganzas have become a trap to their creators, as well as for those who attend them. Gaudy showmanship has made the churches sitting ducks for their enemies.

And the 'duck' hunters will come ... from a country north of America, a powerful country, a country so big that is wraps itself around the sides of the earth. They are a cruel nation, which will show no mercy. Great herds of them will invade this country with weapons in their hands, searching out anyone who has escaped the air attacks.

You know who I am talking about. The United States has been worried about them for many years, and now they have more reason to be fearful. Their infiltration into every strata of American society has made people almost afraid of their own shadows.

PRECIOUS PEARLS? OR FOOLS' GOLD? (6:26-30, also Matthew 13:45-46)

It's time to get serious with God. Start praying as though your life depended on it... because it most certainly does! When the attack begins, it'll be too late to start praying then.

This may be all the warning that you will get. If you reject what God has given me to give you, then you will have judged yourselves.

All I seem to find are rebels against the truth, who try to justify themselves by putting me down. I looked for gold and found only brass and iron. The purifying fire of the Word has been wasted on them, because they refuse to hear it. What I have to say is so 'hot' that it can melt lead and burn bellows; but it's still useless if they tear it up without reading what I have to say. Their prosperity is fools' gold. (Revelation 3:17-18) They'll never discover their mistake in time, however, because they don't want to know the truth, and God certainly is not interested in their foolishness.


God told me to stand outside the churches and proclaim this message:

page12Change your ways and I will let you stay in this land. But don't kid yourselves into thinking that church attendance is going to do you any good. People have called these buildings 'temples', 'churches',and 'the house of God' for long enough. These are all lies.

If you really want to change your ways, then love your neighbours; take personal responsibility for refugees, orphans, and widows, and stop working for the gods of this world (who are slave drivers anyhow). Then I will let you go on living here.

But you would rather hear lies, which won't bring you true happiness at all. You'd rather serve in the temples of Mammon all week long and then come here on Sunday to hear preachers tell you that God has forgiven you for all of this so that you can keep on doing it.

This isn't my house at all. It is the hideout of some of the biggest thieves in the country. If you can't see it, at least I can.

Have a look at what happened to the Jewish temple when the people in it refused to accept the teachings of my Son, (cf. John 2:13-22, and Matthew 24:1-2)

Now you are doing exactly the same things... despite all my efforts to show you the truth. So I will have to do the same thing to you that I did to the Jews. Your temples will be destroyed, and I will cast you out of my sight as I did the Jews.

Then God told me not to even pray for the churches of America, because he doesn't want to hear about them, he's so disgusted.

DEAD WORKS! (7:17 – 8:3)

Do you see what is happening to America? The Protestant Work Ethic is no more Christian than Catholic idolatry, and worship of Mary as the “Queen of Heaven”.

“Can you treat me like an enemy, and not expect that I will treat you like one as well,” asks God. “My anger will become fire, which will consume people, animals, trees, and the grass of the fields.

“Take your work ethics and religious traditions and stick them! My son never taught any of it. But he did teach simple obedience to my commands, something you've totally ignored. Your so-called improvements have not been improvements at all, but rather perversions.”

Then God told me, “You're not the first person who has said these things to America. There have been others... many others. And America has had Christ's teachings in her millions of un-read Bibles for centuries. But the people couldn't be bothered to read them. And their attitude page13toward prophets has been even worse than that of the Jews. So don't be surprised when they refuse to hear what you say as well. Just tell them that they are a disobedient nation full of liars, who cannot be told anything.”

Shave your heads, and take up a lament for America! The churches have sealed her fate, by polluting Christianity with greed (Colossians 3:5) – the abomination that has made her desolate.

Sects like the People's Temple and Children of God have sacrificed their children in attempts to prove their righteousness... something I never commanded. But this is what happens when people start making up their own rules, and doing their own works.

The time is coming when this will no longer be recognized as a land of hard workers, but as a land of death. There will be no room in the cemeteries for all the dead. Bodies will be left on the ground to rot, long after the war is over. The 'good life' will come to an end throughout the country. There will be no more reason for mirth when the 'desolation' is complete. Religious and political leaders will be left dead on the ground along with the masses. Their rotting bones will be exposed to the moon and the planets that they spent so many billions of dollars trying to reach. All of their efforts will have literally amounted to a great heap of shit! And those who survive will wish they hadn't, as they suffer the effects of radiation and the humiliation of being refugees.


God says to the people of America: If you fall down, you admit it and get back up again, don't you? If you lose your way on a trip, you make efforts to get back on the right road again, don't you? So why has this country chosen to stay down, and to stay lost forever? Your religious pride has forced you to add one lie to another, in defense of your fallen state.

I listened to see if you really were worshipping me as you claimed in your churches. But none of you sincerely repented for your disobedience. Like a horse charging ignorantly into a battle in which it will be killed, you defend your self-righteous stands, without any thought for the consequences that awaited you if you were wrong.

“Dumb birds know enough to follow instincts that I have given them; but this country is full of morons who lack the ability to use the brains I have given them. How can you dare to brag about your theological qualifications when you aren't at all interested in what Jesus actually taught – only in twisting his teaching to fit your own vanity. Are the church leaders embarrassed by their ignorance? They should be, for they certainly aren't getting away with anything. Their hypocrisy is patently obvious to anyone who has not rejected God's Word.

“The church leaders have divorced me. So I'll take their wives, as well as their possessions, away from them. Everyone in this country, from school children to corporation executives is dedicated to making more money, and everyone from local preachers to big-time evangelists is dishonest. All that anyone can offer in the way of spiritual solutions is ineffectual pop psychology and philosophical hot air.

“But are they embarrassed? No way! They see nothing to be embarrassed about. They fall in the mud and just lie there as though that was their intention in the first place. So I'll play the same game and walk over top of them where they lie when the time comes,” says God.


page14“I blessed America once,” says God, “but now it's time to replace that with a curse.”

Why doesn't anyone heed this frightening warning? We should drop everything right now, and wait quietly before God for some hope of deliverance. We have been sentenced to death, but we pretend it'll never happen. Churches lure people with promises of divine healing and heavenly bliss, when they should be preparing them, instead, for the Great Tribulation.

The noise of bombers and their payloads will shake this nation. The Russians may be 'devils', but it'll take more than charismatic exorcism games to stop them now. I try not to think about the attack, but I keep hearing the sound of people crying when it comes. I hear them saying, “Where is God? We're a Christian country, and he should be protecting us.”

“You forced me to do it,” he'll reply. You tried to see how far you could push me with your constant chasing after more consumer goods and fads!”

I cannot stop feeling the pain that this country will soon be experiencing. I've dressed in mourning. If the churches don't like what I'm saying, then let them produce a solution. And if they have a solution, why hasn't it worked before now?


Sometimes I want to cry and I cannot. My mourning is deeper than tears. Sometimes I just want to get away from this country and forget about it altogether.

You never know who is your friend and who isn't in America. Americans have big mouths and big weapons, which they are quick to use for dishonest causes. But when it comes to really speaking the truth, they are some of the biggest cowards on the earth.

I cannot even trust my own family, much less my neighbors because every one of them is a traitor and a coward when persecution comes. To my face they are full of sweetness and promises; but behind my back they are full of slander. Americans are experts at telling lies and feigning sincerity. They work themselves to exhaustion in disobedience to God.

“You're surrounded by liars,” God warned me. “If they won't be honest with me, don't expect them to be honest with you.”

FALSE GODS (9:23-26)

page15American educators have nothing to be proud of. Her military experts have no room to boast. And her corporations have no cause for confidence. (I Corinthians 1:27-29)

True wisdom, true security, and lasting prosperity can only come through obedience to the teachings of Jesus Christ (Matthew 7:24), who taught universal love and social justice, NOT water baptism and other outward rituals – the sort of things in which American churches put so much trust. Unless there's a change in your heart, a little bit of water isn't going to make you any more Christian than the worst heathen in the world.

(Mark 1:8, Acts 1:5, 19:4-6, I Corinthians 1:17, John 4:2)

OH CHRISTMAS TREE (10:1-12)page16And speaking of heathens... the number of prominent church people dabbling in astrology in America is just one more evidence of how godless this nation had become. How can people be so stupid as to believe that inanimate planets have anything at all to do with their destiny. Stop looking to the stars for answers and start looking to Christ.

Here's another heathen ignorant tradition:

They go to the forest and cut down a tree with an axe. They hammer it to a support with nails, so that it will not fall over. And then they deck it with silver and gold.

It's a big, beautiful work of art. But what good can it do for anyone? It can't speak. It can't move. It's a useless hunk of junk.

We Christians know that such idols are nothing in themselves. They possess no spiritual power for either good or evil. But the tragedy is that man's time, which really pertains to God alone, is squandered on such useless things (and the gifts that go with them), when they are just insignificant material objects, or 'stock'.

Unfortunately, modern industrialism has created a worldwide market for such stock, from silver and gold trinkets, to thousand dollar furs. And at Christmas time, all of this masquerades as a tribute to Christ. But it's really a monument to man's capitalistic pride and vanity.

God alone can create life, reveal truth, and outlast the idols of man. When he gets upset, the earth itself will tremble.

So you children must understand that your toys are going to be taken away from you. You have been naughty little boys and girls, and Daddy will have to burn all your idols, to teach you a lesson. (This verse was written to Jews in the language of Babylon – perhaps to insult them, and to emphasise how heathen and ignorant they had become.)


God has created the earth and the universe, and he controls the weather from day to day. By comparison to his creative power, humans are just ignorant beasts. We think we are the creators, but we are only creations ourselves. God confounds the founders and confuses the fusers,page16a proving that modern technology is grossly exaggerated. Man has never really created anything. At best, we only stumble onto discoveries about God's creation. When faced with death, every technician will discover just how stupid he really is.

But those who put their faith in God do not have this problem. Since God has created us, he can anticipate and provide for our every need.

So choose your weapons carefully. If you think possessions can bring security then you had better get a lot of them; because God has promised to splatter people all over the countryside; and that's when you'll discover where your priorities should have been.

It hurts to have one's false sense of security threatened, I know; because I've experienced it myself. I lost my home. My wife and children left me. I went to my pastor and he was as much help as a dog. (I can tell you now that church leaders are not interested in God's will, and consequently will be of little use to their flock when the trouble begins.)

Today's prophecy will be tomorrow's history. When the holocaust from the north is over, only lizards will want to live in the cities of America.


Lord, man's efforts to save himself are totally futile. It's like trying to lift himself by his own boot straps. So, if I must be punished, then help me to accept it and to learn by it. I don't want to make you so angry that I will be totally destroyed. Save your unbridled wrath for those nations that are now so eager to destroy this country for their own selfish reasons.


God told me to study the teachings of Jesus and then to tell the people who call themselves followers of Christ that they will be damned if they refuse to obey Christ's commands.

Jesus showed us how to escape the fears and pressures of organized religion and enjoy the glorious liberty of the children of God. But this is only possible if we accept ALL that he said, and not just the bits and pieces that suit us. (See Part III of this book; “Mountains and Molehills”, which is a verse by verse commentary on the teachings of Christ from the Sermon of the Mount.)

God told me to prepare a study on the teachings of Christ, and to publish it in America as a part of his protest against this country. God said, “I have been trying since this country was founded, to get people in it to obey my Son, but they pretend that religious clichés make them Christians, when in fact they only follow popular opinion and religious traditions. Now it's time to fulfill Christ's promise that his teachings will judge people in the last days.” (John 12:48)


God told me, “The various ecumenical movements are 'conspiracies' more than true Christian unity. They are based on Pharasaical Jewish concepts of religion, and not on the New Testament. Human organisations have become their gods, and my leadership is not being sought.

“So I will bring troubles upon their supporters, troubles for which their super-church has not prepared them. They'll cry for help and find none.

“The city system rat race has been the god of America, and her shopping centers have become her places of worship to Mammon.

“Don't pray for the churches! The Bride of Christ has become the Whore of Babylon! She even brags about her prosperity!”

The Christian church is supposed to be a symbol to the world of the values Christ taught. (Matthew 7:20) But organized churches today are rotten and dead. The sooner they are destroyed the better. (Luke 3:9) This isn't my judgment on the churches; it is God's judgment, and it is the churches' judgment on themselves. They have asked for it by promoting the capitalistic system.

By following the teachings of Christ, I have discovered that it is possible for every Christian to literally live by faith in today's world. But God showed me that my discovery was causing embarrassment in the churches. I had assumed that the pastors would share my excitement, but instead, they became like murderers, trying to do everything in their power to keep people from hearing the things I had to say.

Lord, you know who is sincere and who is not. Please do something about them!

In reply, God said, “The people who try to silence you will be utterly and totally destroyed. The few who will survive the holocaust will not be members of their families. When my punishment comes, they and all their children will die by violence and by starvation.


God, I know you must know what you're doing, but I have a few questions that need answers. Why do the cheats and thieves in the system keep getting away with their treachery? It's almost like you are on their side, the way they continue to prosper. Some even say that they got their wealth from you, when it's easy to see that they are insincere.

You know that I have honestly tried to do your will-- even when it has cost me everything. So, please vindicate me against these enemies! They're not only my enemies, but they are enemies of the whole earth, as they strip the planet of its wildlife and of its resources, with no thought for future generations.

Then God said, “If you cannot outrun mere humans, how will you go when racing against horses? If you're ready to drop your faith now, while things are relatively peaceful, how will you go when faced with death? If you lose patience with the wickedness of multi-nationals and corporation executives, how will you go when you learn that your own family has betrayed you, is calling the authorities to have you arrested? Don't be fooled by their friendly exterior.”


God continued: “Let me tell you what I have had to endure. I have had to leave the church which my Son died for. I have had to hand those whom I love dearly over to their enemies. My wife has become like a rabid dog, or a bird of prey, turning on me and attacking me. And I have been forced to have her shot.

“Many pastors share responsibility for destroying the church. They have trampled my teachings and rejected my messengers. (Matthew 23:28-29) Now my teachings will become a sword of death, seeking out and destroying every one of them, from one end of America to the other. All their efforts to get rich led them to this. I'll teach them to be ashamed of their prosperity, and what they have had to do to get it.”


God said to Russia, and to any nation which lifts its arms against America, “You will never destroy those who sincerely serve me. I will pluck them out of this land before you can touch them. I will give them a place of refuge, and I will have compassion on them. And if anyone from any other nation will join them, and diligently learn the ways of my Son, to serve Him the way they once served Mammon, then I will build them up into a great nation.

“But if they will not obey, I will utterly pluck up and destroy that nation,” saith the Lord.
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