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Police Find Missing Teen With Sect Pair

A BRITISH teenager missing for the past two weeks in connection with a Newcastle-based religious group has been found by Scotland Yard police.

Officers from the kidnap and specialist investigations unit found 16-year-old Bobby Kelly on Thursday in a tent with two members of the Jesus Christians sect in a forest in Hampshire.

The sect is lead by David McKay, 55, of Mayfield.

Bobby will appear before the High Court in a private hearing to decide his future.

Official solicitor Laurence Oates, who was appointed to represent the runaway teenager, has said Bobby would be allowed to remain with the group if it was established he was acting of his own free will.

His grandmother, Ruth Kelly, made Bobby a ward of the court two weeks ago so he could be taken into custody as soon as he was found.

The two sect members found with Bobby ? Andrew Eagles and Reinhard Zeuner ? were arrested on a High Court warrant.

They were later released after a private hearing.

Meanwhile, two other members of the sect were given six-month suspended sentences on Thursday for refusing to help police find the teenager.

Australians Roland and Susan Gianstefani were arrested on Wednesday in London.

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