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BBC Barred Over Cult Boy Footage

The BBC has been barred from broadcasting any interview with Bobby Kelly - the 16-year-old boy missing from his home in Essex.

In an emergency ruling at 0130 BST a High Court judge also said that the BBC should not report comments by members of the Jesus Christians cult.

However the BBC is planning to go to court to seek to have the injunction lifted.

The legal ban prevents newspapers and broadcasters from reporting any interviews with the teenager, who disappeared more than two weeks ago.

Ward of court

It was granted just hours before an interview with Bobby was due to be broadcast on BBC Radio 4's Today programme.

The court order, which also bans interviews with leaders of the Jesus Christians, effectively denies the cult a platform.

Bobby, from Romford, Essex, is thought to be with members of the Jesus Christians whom he met handing out leaflets in the town just before he ran away from home.

He was made a ward of court by the High Court last week.

Tuesday's injunction was granted by Mr Justice Singer in favour of Bobby's grandmother Ruth Kelly, his legal guardian and with whom he lives.

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