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Video and Radio on "Cult Kidnap Boy" Saga

Below is a collection of television and radio clips related to the "Cult Kidnap Boy" saga.
Bobby was under the mistaken impression that he was required to leave his family at the age of sixteen and that he had the option of staying on with the Jesus Christians if custody had been returned to his nan.  But that is just further proof that he was not being coached in what he said in this interview.  To listen to Bobby Kelly being interviewed by the BBC, just press play in the player below.
Lawrence Oats was appointed by the courts to "look after Bobby Kelly's best interests", but only on the assumption that Bobby himself was "vulnerable" and in danger of harm by what he had decided to do.  To listen to the BBC interview with him, press play on the player below.
BBC Radio announcement that came out when Bobby Kelly was found safe and sound by police.  Press play in the player below to hear it.
This footage from Jon Ronson's "Kidneys For Jesus", includes a short statement from Bobby himself, shortly after the false "kidnapping" saga ended, when Bobby was 16 years old.

Watch this exclusive interview with Bobby Kelly ten years after the Jesus Christians were accused of kidnapping him in England.  Hear what happened from Bobby's perspective and learn about the struggles he had to endure even after the story had blown over in the media.

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