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Kenyan Kidnapping Charges

If you have already read about the Bobby Kelly saga (see Cult Kidnap Boy), then you know that a similar pattern occurred in the story below.  We suspect that Betty's father, Fred Njoroge, was in contact with British cult-busters, who had devised an ingenious way to slander any group they didn't like, and to make it sound legitimate. 

You just accuse the group of "kidnapping" the person who has joined the group, and the media cannot resist repeating the word.  Each time this happens, you make reference to how a similar accusation has been made against the group on previous occasions as well.  The more times it happens, the harder it is for people to believe that all such cases are total fabrications.  Never mind that Betty herself is interviewed telling what really happened. 

We highly recommend that you start by listening to the radio interview and viewing the video links below, to get a true picture of what happened, and then notice how the media often avoided any reference to Betty's video (which was made available to all of them), because it so powerfully ruined a "good [read 'sensational'] story".

Video And Radio: Access multimedia related to the Kenya Kidnapping Charges fiasco.

Newspaper Articles: Discover how the media portrayed the whole thing dispite knowing that it was all hype.
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