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The Shakahola Lies

In this section, we unravel the false accusations that were made against the Jesus Christians in relation to the Shakahola Massacre Incident of April 2023, in which over 400 individuals, mostly women and children, were reportedly coerced into a dire choice between starvation and violence by vigilantes led by Paul Mackenzie of Good News International.

Based solely on a defamatory, inaccurate and maliciously motivated paragraph of false accusations against the Jesus Christians (and which has word for word quotes from a defamatory post published by a Kenyan blogger in April, 2023), a Senate Ad-Hoc Committee in Kenya, asked in October 2023, that an investigation be carried out with a view to have all foreign members of the Jesus Christians and anyone associated with us expelled and barred from the country.

Join us as we navigate through the complexities of this controversial incident and unveil the truth beneath the surface and dismantle the unfounded accusations against the Jesus Christians.
NOTE: What follows is an open letter written by Dave and Cherry Mckay to the Kenyan Senate Ad-Hoc Committee that was tasked with reporting on the Shakahola Massacre Incident and who have called for an investigation with a view to have all foreign Jesus Christians expelled and barred from Kenya, based solely on a paragraph containing outright lies and distorstions about the Jesus Christians.

In this article, we'll provide clear evidence that disproves the false accusations against the Jesus Christians in relation to the Shakahola Massacre Incident.

Come along as we examine the good, the bad and the ugly in relation to Elle Hardy's 28 Nov. 2023, article in The Guardian (Australian version) about the Shakahola Massacre and its links to the Jesus Christians.

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