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Early Days

Money burning, money throwaways, prophet campaigns, and a sensational walk across the Nullarbor Desert are just some of the highlights the media has captured of the early days of The Jesus Christians.

Below are collections of articles and videos of various projects that the Jesus Christians were engaged in during this period.  A chronological record of events and membership of the early Jesus Christian days can be read by clicking on the following link:(JC history 1981 - 1996)

Free Work: From the early days of the group, the Jesus Christians have set out to practice Jesus' teaching about serving (or 'working for') God and not serving (or 'working for') money (Matthew 6:24">Matthew 6:24).  This has led the group to engage in various campaigns to draw attention to these teachings.  Money burning, money throwaways and free work campaigns were all used to get people to think beyond the materialistic rat race.  Of the three, only the free work offer has continued on to the present, albeit not with such a high profile as existed when it was first made.

Vision 2000: A protest against the poor health conditions of local people in Madras, India led the group to construct a free clinic, library and playground on top of an open sewerage canal.  This attracted media attention both in India and overseas.

Walk Of Faith: When six young people from the Jesus Christians, including 11 year old Rachel, decided to walk 1,000 miles (1,600 kms) through the Nullarbor desert of South Australia and Western Australia, taking no food, money or extra clothes with them, the world thought they would die.  Relying on faith in God's provision, these six kids took the media by storm.

Other Campaigns: Hessian-robed Prophets, graffiti, and other activities during the early days of the Jesus Christians also caught the attention of the media.
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