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JC Articles on Kidney Donations

Below are some articles we have written on the topic of kidney donations.  They include scriptural support for considering live kidney donations and practical information for those who are interested in the process.
The Apostle Paul, when writing to the Romans, urged them to present their bodies as "living sacrifices", which he added was nothing more than their "reasonable service" to God and others.

For anyone who thinks that we are pushing people into donating kidneys, please read this article, prepared by Christine (a trained nurse who graduated at the top of her class).  She wrote it just after she had finished caring for Robin and Casey during and after their donation, in 2002.  The letter has been sent to any of our members who have expressed an interest in donating a kidney. It makes the reality check that the hospitals give look like a snow-job by comparison. We would like more people to donate kidneys, but we do not believe it should be done naively. Read this if YOU are considering such a donation as well.

This article challenges the Australian and British medical authorities to reconsider their stance with regard to "non-directed" kidney donations from live donors.  [In fact, there have been changes to the legislation in both countries since the article was written, which reflects policies closer to what we were advocating.]  The article questions the motivation behind the medical ethicists employed by the authorities, and demonstrates how legal non-directed kidney donations assist in minimising concerns regarding donor rights, coercion, and the black market.

This is a letter that Susan wrote to a doctor in the U.S. who was doing research into the idea of people donating organs anonymously while still alive. The doctor later confessed that it changed his thinking about the ethics of live organ donations.  This letter gives some insights into Sue's faith, if not the faith of our members in general.

This is a reply to a student who contacted Dave with a list of questions for a paper he was preparing on kidney donations. Oddly enough, it includes a number of arguments from Dave in favour of restrictions on organ donations.

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