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JC Kidney Ban in Australia

Two Jesus Christians donated their kidneys to strangers in Australia, at a time when non-directed altrustic donations were illegal.  To skirt around the law, these two JCs lied to the health authorities, telling them that they knew their recipients for longer than they did.  After donating their kidneys to save their recipients lives, they came clean and publicly announced that the restrictions on the law forced them to lie so they could help people in need. 

As a result of the scandal, the health minister of one state in Australia (Victoria) banned all Jesus Christians from donating their kidneys there, while another state NSW implemented the long awaited legislation to allow altruistic kidney donations.

Read the articles and radio interviews dealing with this scandal.
Listen to this ABC Radio interview with Dave McKay, touching on the "cult" label and the scandal that resulted from two Jesus Christians' admissions about having lied to heath authorities in Australia to save their recipients lives.

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