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Other Kidney Stories

Over twenty Jesus Christians have donated one of their kidneys to strangers.  Despite the negative tone some sections of the media have tried to paint these donations with, other more positive reports have also emerged.  Here are some articles about Jesus Christian kidney donations that did not fit in the other categories.
Members of a south east London-based Christian group have taken the unprecedented step of donating their "spare" kidneys to strangers en masse. But kidney donations are not allowed under Brisith law unless you are a family member or a lifelong friend. Reporter JOHN HIGGINSON meets the Jesus Christians, the group which has given a new meaning to the word generosity ...

This is an article by David Steinberg that appeared in a medical journal in the U.S. in August, 2003. Their website is and the article appeared under their Narratives section. 

Newcastle Herald, 7th July 2004

Newcastle Herald, 8th July 2004

Newcastle Herald, 6th November 2004

Although this article is not about the Jesus Christians, it IS about several members of a family who have each been inspired to donate kidneys after the positive experiences their other relatives had donating.  Why is it so hard to believe that many members of the Jesus Christians each naturally felt inspired to donate a kidney without any coercion?

A positive article about Martin's donation in Israel.

Judith Nusbaum was the recipient of a pre-Hanukka miracle. On December 11, she received a kidney from Martin Filla, an Australian Christian, which saved her life.

For four years, Judith Nusbaum struggled with a failing kidney, sometimes fainting from a dangerously low blood count. Reluctantly, she started giving herself renal hormone injections and eventually had to undergo regular dialysis. Tired of the bothersome procedures, she decided to look for a new kidney. But after her doctors said it might take five years to find a suitable transplant, the retiree went online to find [her] own donor.

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