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Couple Sues Kenya Government

An Australian couple released last week after the state dropped abduction charges has sued the Attorney General seeking compensation.

Roland and Susan Gianstefani who are members of an international religious sect known as Jesus Christians and Betty Waitherero whom they had been accused of abducting want the court to rule that their fundamental rights have been violated.

They claim they have been denied the freedom of worship, freedom of expression and freedom of association among others.

In an affidavit, Waitherero, a graduate of the United States International University-USIU says she and her seven-year-old son were never abducted and accuses her parents of trying to force her to hand over custody of her son.
Jesus Christians

The ‘Jesus Christians’ movement also calls itself “Followers of the Lamb,” “Rappville Christians,” or simply “Christians.” However, theologically this high-demand group is a cult of Christianity. The manipulative group also displays sociological cultic characteristics.

Among other things, the group insists members reject their families, friends, and jobs. Based in Australia, but is active elsewhere as well (notably, England and India). The movement makes extra-Biblical demands, has a theology based on unsound Bible interpretations.

The group’s leader, David McKay, is believed to be a former member of the Children of God.

While the group militates – often in extreme ways – against established churches, denominations, and Christians who do not share the group’s theology, ”Jesus Christians” itself appears to have somewhat of a persecution complex.

She is asking the court to terminate a case filed at the Children's Court by her parents.

Waitherero's parents accuse her of removing her son from school after joining the Jesus Christians.

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