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Cult Man Charged With Kidnapping

Cult representative Roland Gianstefani appeared in a Nairobi court yesterday to answer the charge of abducting Ms Betty Waitherero, 27, of Kugeria estate, Kiambu, on June 17.

He was also charged with detaining Ms Waitherero’s seven-year-old son Joshua Muhoho.

The Australian preacher with Jesus Christians, an international religious cult, denied the charges and was freed on a Sh300,000 bond and a Kenyan surety in similar amount until September 2, when the case will be heard.

The accused, who was ordered to surrender his passport to the court, was also charged with hawking books on Kenyatta Avenue on June 20, contrary to city by-laws.

In July 2000, Mr Gianstefani, 42, and his wife got suspended six-month jail sentences from a British court for refusing to reveal the whereabouts of a teenage boy.

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