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Search For Pair Goes To Western

The search for a woman and her son who went missing after joining an international religious cult has spread to Western Kenya.

Police said they had leads that the mother and her child were hidden in the area, adding that efforts to trace them were under way.

"We have information that the two are in western Kenya and that is where our attention is for now," said a police officer.

The woman, the officer said, had been calling her family indicating that she is somwhere in Western Kenya.

Police are still holding an Australian in connection with the disappearance of the pair.  The suspect was picked from Nairobi streets where he was preaching.

He is said to be the leader of the Jesus Christians group, an international cult based in Sydney, Australia, which calls on members to forsake their jobs, family and friends to show pure devotion to God.

The foreigner is assisting police with investigations into the disappearance of the 27-year-old woman and her seven-year-old son, whose clothes were found in a city home.

The man allegedly used to operate in Riruta Satellite estate since January, when he came to the country and was granted a permit for his missionary work.

The missing pair left the city home to visit the church for two weeks on June 10.

Parents of the woman sought police assistance after she failed to tell them where she was.

Police believe there are several other people who may have gone missing in similar circumstances.

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