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The Whipping Trial

On the 5th of May, 2006, Reinhard was brutally beaten almost to death by members of Joe Johnson's family at their house in Long Beach, California.  This callous attack left Reinhard with serious injuries, including bleeding to the brain and a fractured spine.  However, despite the fact that the Long Beach Police Department had video footage of the attack, taken by a neighbour, the attackers were not charged, nor did they show any signs of remorse for what they had done.

In a desperate plea to highlight the gravity of the crime and the need for the Johnson family, who are professing Christians, to see their need for repentance, the Jesus Christians held a mock trial, charging the family with attempted murder and prescribing lashes of a whip as punishment.  In an effort to demonstrate Christian love, at the same time that they publicly denounced the attack, several members of the Jesus Christians volunteered to take the Johnsons' punishment on themselves, allowing themselves to be whipped in the place of the offenders.

whipping Jesus ChristiansThis whipping trial, covered and distorted by Fox News Undercover, generated strong reactions from all who heard about it, casting more controversy and negative public opinion on the Jesus Christians.

Read through the articles and watch the programs of this highly controversial episode in Jesus Christian history and discover for yourself the reasons that have led to this scandal.

Joe's Story: Read what happened on the day of the attack and all that has resulted from it in this detailed story written by Joe Johnson himself.

Jesus Christian Trial Articles: Discover the teachings that led to and resulted from the controversial whipping trial.

Fox News Reports: Watch the programs produced by Fox News and read the articles exposing their dishonest editing techniques.

Newspaper Articles: Browse through some of the newspaper articles that resulted from the Long Beach whipping trial.
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