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Jesus Christian Trial Articles

Below are several articles written by the Jesus Christians with regard to the controversial mock trial in Long Beach.
An article discussing God's justice and grace in relation to the attack on Reinhard's life on behalf of the Johnson family.

Although we expect a strong reaction to the culturally offensive practice of flogging a convicted criminal, we believe that, in time, people will come to see that what we Jesus Christians are suggesting goes far deeper than a return to a cruel form of punishment that was used (and then largely discarded) in the past

There is some truth in the argument which says that we Jesus Christians have not given enough attention to the Old Testament. Although there is a lot of wisdom in many Old Testament writings, things occasionally happened amongst the Children of Israel which go strongly against our natural understanding of love and fair play, and so we have chosen to just sort of avoid them, on the basis that we are not Jews, but rather, we are Christians.

There is a phrase which is often used to excuse Christians from any kind of discipline (and to condemn those who ARE disciplined) and it has a superficial sound of praise for Jesus. It is the phrase referred to in the title of this article: "Jesus did it all for us." We are told that it is an insult to the loving grace of God to try to do anything to please him. But this argument, used so often to condemn other more disciplined Christians as heretics, is really a heresy in itself.

This article discusses some of the principles that would operate within a truly Christian government

Read what happened during our mock trial in Los Angeles that ended in some of us receiving lashes from a whip.

The mock trial in Long Beach represented a turning point in our history as a community, not because there was a significant change in our beliefs, but because people who hated our beliefs falsely believed they had caught us in a heresy at last... and discovered too late that they did not have a case.

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