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seven prophetsIn the September TACL we had a brief article on seven silent secretive men who called themselves 'Voices in the Wilderness'.

We had some suspicions about this group and their identity.  Our suspicions have been confirmed from several sources.

The secret of the silent seven is no longer a secret!

They are non other than members of the wierd and way-out 'McKay' family group.  This extreme Christian fringe group has been involved in numerous publicity stunts in their reaction against the 'sins of the system and systemites'.

They have walked across the Nillarbor, using reverse psychlogy and playing on the emotional pull of using a young girl, to ensure that 'the Lord' would meet their needs through sympathetic givers (and used vebal comments to make people feel guilty if they did not want to give).

They have thrown away money; gluged money to pavements; painted and chalked graffiti on subway walls and footpaths; staged well publicised 'walks' (including the Nullarbor walk) claiming to be totally dependent on God (but making sure many people knew about it - and freely accepting money and accommodation from people, rather than God).

The extremes in thinking, as well as publicity stunts, have attracted mainly young people who are disenchanted, confused and vulnerable to dogmatic assertions of having the truth and opposing the sinful society in which we live.

They have caused division in families, and have tried to manipulate young people into total commitment to their cause - rather than helping them find life and freedom in Jesus Christ.

The group travels around Australia from time to time (and always seem to have more than enough for their lifestyle and travels).  Some of the group's members have also been active in India, and also in the Birmingham area of England.

In England the group was financial enough to be able to afford a good flat and to be able to purchase a TV and a car.

The 'Secret silent seven' have been through Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.  Some of the members of teh group (at least) live in Medowie, New South Wales.

We have reported on this group in more detail in previous TACL articles including in the issues of: June 1985 and March 1987.
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