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Broken Hill author, Mr. Dave McKay, is in the middle of controversy once again.

This time, the stir is coming from Sydney, and it concerns his second book, "A Letter to Rome", which is an Australian paraphrase of some of the teachings of Saint Paul.

Protestant bookshops in Adelaide and Melbourne earlier this year banned a transltion of the teachings of Christ by Mr. McKay, entitled "You Can't Put God in A Box".

Now Pelligrini's Pty. Ltd., the official Catholic bookshop in Sydney, has refused to allow copies of either of the books on their shelves.

The Methodist Book Dept in Sydney also returned both titles to Mr. McKay last week, stating simply that they were "not suitable" for their shelves.

However, Broken Hill Methodists have earned the distinction of running the only Protestant bookshop in Australia which is handling both of the books.

The bookshop, which opens a few hours each week, is at the back of the Oxide Street Methodist Church.

Two other books by Dave McKay are due to be released in Broken Hill shortly.  They are "Last Lament for America", based on teh writings of the Hebrew prophet Jeremiah, and "All Systems Whoa!", a paraphrase of The Revelation by Saint John.
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