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Our Initial Response To Kidneys For Jesus

Statement regarding the Kidney Documentary on Channel Four, London

Despite numerous assurances that we would be able to view the film before broadcast, Jon Ronson, the producer of the documentary film on our community to be aired on Channel Four in London, on January 24, has failed to come good with his promises.

Consequently, we are dubious as to whether the film is going to present the strong case for more people to donate kidneys that we had been assured it would present.

It may be some time before we in Australia are allowed to view the documentary, and so our comments here are made without full knowledge of what Jon has put in his film. His unwillingness to let us, the subjects of his documentary, view what he has actually produced suggest that he is ashamed of his own work, and that he knows we will not be impressed.

Our deepest concern is that any attempt to discredit us and the work we are doing to encourage kidney transplants will backfire on the greater cause, which is to get the general public to seriously consider making live donations, whether to friends/relatives, or to strangers who are dying every day for lack of a kidney.

We would urge any of you who have viewed (or will view) the documentary to look beyond any negative innuendo or personality assassination which may occur, and ask yourselves whether you might be able to save a life by donating a kidney.

We expect that people will contact us asking for kidneys as a result of this documentary (as has happened in the past), but what we and they most need are people who are willing to DONATE. (Most of our members are already committed to specific people.) If you would like to donate a kidney, and would like to be put in touch with someone who needs a kidney, please contact us.

We will, however, warn potential recipients not to get their hopes up too high. Many people who consider donating on the spur of the moment change their minds later. Others who are genuine about donating fail to pass the rigid medical tests. In a situation like this, there may also be people who are hoping to get compensation for such a donation. Our policy is not to support such donations, and we will warn potential recipients not to have deal with anyone who broaches the subject of payment (apart from medical, travel, and accommodation expenses directly related to the surgery).

Also, there may be cruel hoaxers, including journalists, who may want to get information to be used to make money for themselves at the expense and misery of others.

We will do what we can to assist potential donors and potential recipients to link up with one another despite these risks. Whether you are hoping to donate or to receive a kidney, please include your blood group when you write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you.

Dave McKay, for Jesus Christians

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