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Some Emails in Response to Documentary

Read some of the first emails we received from people who viewed Jon Ronson's "Kidneys For Jesus" documentary.

Hi there. I was wondering how to get hold of some literature regarding the Jesus Christians. I first heard about you guys in a newspaper article about a year ago (maybe more) and I'd like to know a bit more if that is possible. I admit the show on Channel 4 last night was what jogged my memory but the, what I think, untactful approach to making this documentary (or shockumentary) has only jogged my memory to read into your religion more.

Thank You,



I have just watched your documentary by Channel 4 and my opinion as a Catholic is that if you are medically fully fit to donate then you should do it. I find the fact that the programme had to try and label you people as a cult very sad indeed.

Dave Steinger who initially supported the reasons for one of your members decision to donate her kidney had people in his 'ethical debate' that I would consider more manipulative then any one in your group and blindly mislead.

The problem is that the ordinary person who watched that would automatically listen and agree with these people because they have an authoritive and official way about them and so they are blindly led to believe' well they most know what they are talking about'. All I can say is what Jesus said ' father will be against son, etc;' and a 'Prophet is never accepted in his own country'.

To be a Christian and I mean a True Christian is the hardest thing to do but with the Grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ all things are possible.

May the Lord bless your endeavours, May he provide and always protect you and may he carry you when you are weak and may His words be your hope when you find yourself on the Cross with Him.

God Bless


Hello, I saw the programme tonight and wanted to know how Susan was after her operation. I must say I was appalled at some of the comments on her web site that she read can people be so nasty.

I do think it is a wonderful act of pure love that you all do and that is the way I see it.........known as unconditional love.......

I wanted you to know I enjoyed the programme and felt that you had all been treated quite harshly..........more love is needed in this world.

May love and light prevail   With thanks, Susan

 I just got back from my mum's where we watched the documentary.

I think that the way Aussie TV treated the matter, making Sue out to be some sort of brainwashed loon, probably has done you a favour in the context of this documentary. It was obvious that Sue was nothing of the sort, and her comments that policemen and firemen take the risk of creating a parentless child and no-one thinks badly of them, definitely showed how inherently sensible she was.

I wanted to throw my shoes at the telly when Dr Laura Nash (from Harvard BUSINESS, I note) spoke of the 'fantasy of heroic altruism'.

I felt it sucked that no time was given for fully explaining the basis of your beliefs.

My overwhelming impressions were: Jon and Dave have a serious personality clash that biased both sides...Jon admits 'I really don't like him'.

Dave does unfortunately come across like a cult leader. But bizarrely enough, none of the people in the group donating kidneys or being interviewed came across as brainwashed cult members. People have a real problem understanding the idea people can be truly altruistic. But no real surprise there.



I believe that you are good people and was a little saddened although not surprised to see how you were let down by the journalist (I think he was called Ron).

I am sure that the recipients of the organs don't think ill of you and nor do any of their relatives - and nor do I.

So keep up the good work - you are good people. I am not a Christian but I do consider myself a good person - and even I, find almost everybody criticising me. Sometimes I despair of people. Anyway - enough of that. Well done.



I've just seen the Channel 4 documentary that's been aired in the UK tonight and I'd like more info. I think what you're trying to do is great (and I don't just mean the kidney thing!) - but you're perhaps misunderstood. I've read your website, but I'd like more info.


Sarah (M13)

Saw the TV programme - he did quite a hatchet job on you didn't he! Keep up the good work!! Cal

I watched the documentry about your group the other night. I have to say i did struggle with some of actions and comments by both you and your members and by Jon Ronson. I do however want to learn more about the disareement but without the malice and propaganda that seemed to creep in to the relationship. I look fowards to a repy.

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